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Yeah and for a long time they used to be a thing where they would dress boys as queen elizabeth and so the idea was that there was a local vicar who started this rumor what's interesting is that bram stoker effectively was a conspiracy theorist which is very bizarre for the as well and he was no one believed him obviously at the time but it is a as an it was a theory that had existed since queen elizabeth andy popularized isn't that what people he genuinely thought and there are people he bit get lots of evidence bounce it like the fact that have writing style changed apparently as soon as she left bisley so when she was seven years old yeah so everyone's delicious writing coercive she must the be among among ten years old sorry now it did change and yeah that was pretty much in the way a young girls diary to just football skills to scoop up my peru so the times reviewed the book as tommy routes yet the original manuscript his signed bs but it was by bram stoker while those just as good evidence as the stuff y'all got three right hang on again it's not my but it is true that bram stoker was a conspiracy theorist that is the key thing at the i'll have a look at the book and it's got loads of other hoax is that happened in history somebody's just reporting so there's one called the cat hoax of 1815 which is where the polian was about to be sent to saint helena very distant island and it was supposedly over with rats and people put up signs around the city of chester saying that the government desperately needed lots of cats to wipe out all the rats on st helena to make it fit for the podium and if you bring your cat do this address tomorrow the government will give you quite a lot of money for.

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