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The news with Jennifer, Jones, Lee Michelle Cuba's back producing the show today and next week because Alex Ross, Ogata vacation I'm going to get up early all. Next, week yes. You do and John Ramirez is here All, right let's. Get back to these stories Fifty five of our. War dead. Have been returned from North Korea They were flown out of North Korea Landed in South Korea at Osan airbase And then. They're going to be transferred to Hawaii they, have a POW MIA accounting agency there and they're going to do amazing DNA work. And other forensic work to identify them because while we can be fairly certain that these are, American soldiers who died fighting in Korea North the North Koreans have no idea who each one of them is oh no The bodies that they found well. Yeah that's what Tom rivers was saying this morning I didn't realize that these are it's a farmer who came across a body on his land or, a, construction crew who was digging who came across a body and. Just went like oh here. You, go government and they think that these are soldiers they're pretty sure of that well they'll figure it out in. Hawaii because the tech that they. Have is topnotch and this transfer comes on purpose I'm sure on the exact sixty fifth anniversary, of the signing of the armistice that, ended the fighting didn't end the actual, war, which is still technically on the books and a lot of people are saying hey this is one of. The things that President Trump got. Kim Jong UN, to agree to in that summit and here he is making good but of course. This is a drop in the, bucket compared to how many missing bodies of soldiers there are still. Over, there We're, anywhere near close to having everybody back well that's what Tom was saying it was like two hundred that. He said just a couple of. Years ago they, announced that they thought they had so why we just have fifty five well the two the two hundred twenty Was part. Of, a process, that took nine years That last time that we had a joint effort with the North Koreans. To bring back the remains of our war dead that will start it in one thousand nine hundred eighty six and it went on and then it was picked up again in two thousand five Just I think I'm so this is how long this just shows you how long arduous the whole yeah And some people are also saying that what's happening is it's almost like a drug dealer where they give you the, first, taste for? Free To get you hooked Because when in one thousand nine hundred sixty two thousand five North Korea wanted to be reimbursed for their. Expenses, in doing, this now this time apparently they haven't, asked for any money but some people are speculating that here they've given fifty five and then they're, coming, back and say oh, we have, some more, but we're you know you're going to need to pay us because it's costing us. Money to do it and so the motives are already being. Impugned, in some circles well, President Trump always says there was. No collusion with Russia Michael Cohen just dropped a collusion with some people are calling bombshell. In the Russia investigation was there collusion Sorry.

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