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Behind your back congressman on TV, not you, particularly but the White House and the speaker. The deepwater to be called on to head up at committee because the as the chairman called me up gay Grainger that I want somebody on their wonder stands. Has been fighting for a Great Lakes. You really have you to continue. And I said, I'm deeply honored in a Bank you, well, you're not new to the commit. I mean, you're not new to the situation. I remember the first week you were gonna do as our congressman. You were standing on the shores of Lake Erie, helping metro parks help show erosion get park so people can enjoy it. So you're certainly not new to the game. I was wondering. A copy Great Lakes restoration initiative from under the fifty million. You worked with other members to get it back up there. And I think they appreciate the fact that I'm at work with members and stay strong on those issues that are important, certainly northeastern Ohio. But again is always say that it's not just Lake Erie. And it's not a theory. Go lake the Great Lakes. Our national treasure they needed to be treated abduction Alker having all the national park. Now in the members who are ahead of me who were former chairman of this committee from the west, and they wanted to make sure that they're saying on there to cover Indians affair in the western Barisan. I look you guys educated me. Educated you on the Great Lakes. I look forward to working that's called partnership. That's right. You know, and you have a, but you know, we also have I thought of you immediately. I know you attended governor dewine inauguration this week. And his first statement as governor why we're gonna protect our great Lake Erie. And I thought to myself I should be listening to the governor. I'm thinking congressman Joyce must be smiling at that. So do you think governor dewine it will work with you to ensure that our shores of like area protected? Absolutely. Yeah. He's a governor Voinovich at the time. Being it added fishermen started in the when Mike line with Lieutenant governor deal hartsville fishing, really people come from all over the world the deficiency granted in his shirt. River, all because of the fishing info. So he offers in what he started twenty some odd years ago is painting often huge dividends now. And so he understands the respected virus where he knows what the problems are. And one thing I wanted to chat about what I was down there. It's under then governor Voinovich we used to have a point person for Ohio in Columbus that in DC do to work all Ohio issues through in wanna get back to that delegation. Will know what the targets are real high? Oh, it'd be focused as we work together to make sure that we produced for the buckeyes state lads greats. What's I.

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