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Sports talk show by the blue Bill Laskey sitting behind the mikes as the giants of wonder third straight game against Colorado three game winning streak. Five runs. Eleven hits. For the giants today to to run six for the Rockies as Madison Bumgarner picked up his first win this season. And just a great game. I thought they played quick fast paced game, especially after eighteen innings last night that took him well over six hours way into the night. And they still had fireworks? By one o'clock. I heard that today who can ever heard wasn't real happy about that. All right. Our first guest is staying up in Virginia for as vita is a two time all star good friend of ours. Let's welcome to the show. Gary Lavelle, good evening. Mr lavelle. How you doing guys? We're doing good. Thanks for staying up for us tonight. Gary we appreciate that g Bill. What's up? Gary. Good, man. I'm good. You sounded good. How's everything? Everything's good. At in Virginia. They get a lot of rain fish Pudge. I was looking at some of the things that you've been doing since you retired. And I wanted to talk a little bit about the Greenbrier Christian academy high school team that you were coaching. You had five hundred wins a five plus state title. Tell me a little bit about this high school team you've been coaching. Well, actually wanted twelve state titles but retired three years ago. You know, a tremendous honor to be able to coach till out of fine. Young guys. You know, teach him the game of baseball. So how many years did you do that gear? About twenty five. Wow. So you jumped right into it. You I know you coach. So you you you were pitching coach for many years in the minor leagues with the Yankees. I do believe wasn't it. Yeah. It's about five here with the and then I started with high school. Then I came back to school traveling in pro ball anymore. What the Yankees don't Yankees. Go. First class. The big leagues. Does your like those bus rides more fudge? They get old real quick. So impressed after that to patients in Virginia allow cheetah teach their children. Was it? Good. The hell's going on here. A good coach you have to play both. Have players. No, man. I'm just Razzie Gary. You're good, man. And you have good character. And I'm sure that she taught those kids something other than baseball. Well, I mean, I think it's more or less like looked at it as a ministry, more or less style. You guys find a way, right? Yeah. I think we all need direction at some point in their lives. So absolutely, no doubt the occur. You know, one of the big things that bite it. I like to talk about when we get on. Here is pitching. And one of the things that I kind of try to make this show about is the closer the setup, man. Of course, you finished your career with one hundred thirty six saves your eighty and seventy seven earned run average under three two point nine three career earned run average. When when you focus on the years that you played and you were two time all star. What were some of the things focus points that you can kind of tell our listeners of of how do you were so focused when you came into certain situ? Relations with men on base or closing out a game. I think you know, there's a certain mind together as a starting pitcher, and are certain mindset, I think as a closer started most of them are early career. And you know, it's only big different mindsets. You're trying to appear couple days ahead. And then day the game. You're. You know, looking to a lineup closer, though, you're you're coming in the situation. It's kinda whatever that situation is. And you got for period of time to have success. And you know, I think you go full lower at it. Because you know, you're not going to to or self starter base until later to pitch. Well, we have fish Compaq. No. I don't think they worried about. I think the pitch count was when you're backing up third base too many times in your arm slot car start. No. I think you know, role of a closers changed so much over the years. You know, of course, closing that you could have been in the game anywhere from the seventh inning on right right nowadays. They got you know, that specialty. They got the up guy and. Closers still want any. So I think they, you know, it's probably a good change of get a lot of guys. And, you know, fifty sixty games it'd be say in the I think it's a good development in the game. Or the other thing too, Gary were speaking, Gary Lavelle, and can be are is the bullpens now have eight nine guys in them. I mean, they're building bullpens with so many arms back in the day. There was some bullpens at what four guys sometimes maybe five guys. Well, I think you know to see the difference in what the start or do, you know, like wouldn't fight? And you're starting you guys were trying to go complete games out flu nowadays. They don't want to go five six innings get him out of their quality start. They call ago. Yeah. Yeah. And you know, nowadays, it's, you know, give me five innings, and it will get the relievers in there. So in the late seventies. You and Randy Moffitt were really the the righty lefty combination. And again in the eighties with the moon man, and you had alcohol one down there. Telecel your thoughts on Randy Moffett because. Does somebody told me you used to it was called the Ellen MC sweet combination or something like that? Yeah. We used to slip time month with a sinker slider and head great on. Also started men, you know, say a straight sinker guy, and we used to split the role. If there was more left. He's coming up. But I get it. If more righties Randy you'll get it or Moumen will get it. And the way they, you know. Or bring in. Yeah. Those are those were the days when you're literally was righty left ear the combination like that. And you know, I was reading on your baseball references in nineteen Eighty-one. You started three games. Only three starts you had in your career. What the hell happened in eighty one to make start that had to be Frank Robison. It was Franklin Eighty-one. Sure. Yeah. I think we were struggling with our starters. And yes, I would give it a Jewish. You know? And it was just I didn't want to do it. But it was still and such a long time. Yeah. I found myself, you know. Like, I said earlier different mindset, totally different mindset in one thousand nine hundred seventy seven first all star year posted a two point zero five earned run average and seventy three games forty nine game. Finished twenty saves that year that was your fourth year in the big leagues. What plug what kind of catapulted you into that? I think any pitcher success they have confidence when they walk on the mail that pay, you know, to do a job, and I'm going to do it. And I think you come on do I think it'd be? Aware of what you have to do more and more. And I think experience helps you on ways. That was you know, part of growing up process. I think I think every reliever goes through or every pictured echoes through 'Success. Experiences. Well, in nineteen seventy eight my buddy cross from a blue was eighteen ten that year. Nineteen seventy eight you were thirteen and ten and yet, you know, you had fourteen saves. But I mean, you finished a lot of games for mister blue next to me. I think at that point to like, I said if you're coming in seventh any nine a lot of times you come in when the game was tied or on rundown right to team rallied in late innings, and obviously. Knepper had eighteen to twenty wins. You what seven eight hundred seventy seven eight. Yeah. We had a good staff. I think John Curtis you with on their Randy and things were jelly for Joe out to valley. Yeah. That's right. No, that's true. That's true. Guy. Don't forget the count. He'll be peeled. Oh, yeah. Kalicki was there too. I think so. Yeah. Are you at your eleven season career with the San Francisco Giants six San Francisco managers, you went through give me your best manager you had in your worst manager. Well, the one that she had the most. But the best and the one that you had a little trouble with that. Is that better? You guys always have a good question. Vitalize fire questions like that. At the time was get together. I got to walk up to you punch. Assay? I'm wasn't your worst. Okay. Let's let's rephrase it who is the manager that you'd like to play for death. I think cows the belly. I liked a lot. I got a long ways. Joe will I respect it? All the manager said, I think Danny Ozark was a very experienced guy near the end Frank with an interesting manager play for, you know, for sure. The only thing I disagreed with him on the to strike one hundred dollar fine. I remember that when you give to have a head pound, John it, I remember that I was a rookie that year. And I'm like, I don't make that kind of money. So so Pudge, I gotta ask you a question. We're talking to Gary live Ellen kmby. Art, Eddie Logan was they quit manager. I I can day New York. And I read this story where he bought some jackets from Norway and these jackets were aligned and everything and he only bought six of them all the bullpen guys were fighting to get them to remember this. I always thought they were to New York Giants. Football. In their football team. For halloween. Addicott lining. Do our buddy Patrick Quinlan gave me that. He says, you gotta ask them about these jackets because I remember there were all lined there were like swimmers jackets, you know, those swimmers get out of the water, right, right? Okay. What's that? Candlestick. That's for sure. Yeah. Well, that's what he said. He goes, they were great everybody warm. But when you look down the bullpen, the players were in these big down jackets with all the way, they went all the way down to your knees. So he just wanted me to ask if you remember that. Definitely remember that say that they were warned reward well used as they say, so you know, the giants of the current giants have one of the best feels of that really isn't a National League right now. But playing when you invite ahead one of the best outfielder Gary Matthews Maddox and Bobby bonds in the outfield. Tell us a little bit about those memories with those three of stood behind you every game. Well, I knew if we need a ball. They hit a ball in the air. And it was a little over the fence as probably going to be caught. So that's always a good feeling as a pitcher and. I think the back knows eight giants said they're baked. Success story was always outfielders. You know, they they seem the draft fast power hitting outfielder. And you know, I came up the line. I think we had Gary Matthews was there Mandak bonded in the big leagues. And George foster was coming up to the coverage FOX as we forgot. And he expendable they traded him. Right. So, you know, giants head what is really good, Al chillers. And you know, of course, with Big Mac at first. A lot of fun to play with those guys that was going to be my next question. You you played with Willie McCovey for so many years in as you know, recently, he's passed away. Tell us a little bit about your relationship with Willie McCovey and what he brought to that clubhouse. No. He was a silent leader in so many ways, you know, he led, by example tremendously. Nice guy. I mean, truly, gentlemen, and. I was honored to play with a guy like that. And you know, I would say deserve this hall of fame credentials apps, but he was a class act. He was just tremendous dying. You know, when when you when you say Willie McCovey, do you think offensively or defensively when you think of Willie would come I think both, you know, he's a great defensive first baseman and obviously his offensive stats speak for themselves. But I think he was definitely underrated four is defensive skills that that's what I brought up to vita. We honored Willie McCovey one of our first shows, and I always remembered hub Grady was at first base. He had that real big first baseman glove and a stretch. I mean how could in field or not throw it? We had to really make a bad throw for him to be able to actually, but it was a gold glove. First baseman. Remember? Oh, I don't. I don't think he was I was looking at her statistics. And you know, you see all the batting crowns and the things he did batting average home runs. But I don't I don't recall if he had a goal Glover nut. Wow. That's some that we need to look take a look at that story. Big Mac asked me if I use gloves the break in pending practice law. Groundbreaking some of his first base of minutes. And that was always. On the infield. Or did you go in the outfield and do it both when they letter? So, but yeah, I used to do that. That was a lot of fun. Then told us a couple of things as we're finish it up here. You know, any players that come to mind that you still stay in contact with that she played a career with maybe not what the giants or with the giants. You still hanging. Keep in touch with trying to keep in touch with Jack Clark a little bit. He moved out here. You know while. Yeah. No checks that west now, right? Yeah. He came out here and working out here. Now, see him once in a while the ripper..

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