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Must tell you whether we agree with all the things they do or not. I'm going to tell you what the last few presidents have to say. I loved when President Obama explained his policies by saying He wants a country where we all get a shot. President Trump Like him dislike him. He wanted a country where all of us working no unemployment, every ethnic group improving this standard of living, and President Biden at the moment remains to be seen. He's saying many wonderful things. Is he doing the right things? Benjamin Franklin said. Well done is better than well, said He's being heralded for suggesting to raise taxes on the rich. Why what the rich do wrong other than be successful within our system on, believe me, they pay the graduated taxes for in excess of what people have every other socio economic level pace and taxes. They're paying their fair share. Get Here we have a president. That's the everyday common man. Was being criticized for wearing a Rolex watch the world gone crazy. This man rose up from humble beginnings and became the president of the United States. Candy by what he wants with the money he earned. Can his wife buy him a gift? If they can afford it. Why are we looking at this? Where is the common sense? Clearly what we need now is some common sense in this country. Unfortunately, common sense is not so common. Today. Our show is entitled, Mr President. And in that regard I have some thoughts I'd like to share with the new president. I have some thoughts on corporate presidents I'd like to share And I have some thoughts from you from me. As a former president. Mr President, though I do want to remind you success is always in fashion. I hope Even in the Godfather, one of the greatest movies of all time they dealt with success on Colleoni had all the judges and the politicians in New York Then he must share all about this useful. He must let us draw the water from the well. Certainly he can present a bill for such services. After all. You're not coming. Even they know you're entitled to be paid for your hard work. It's the present where your overlooks We're not Communists joining me. On his way to success. My son, my co host My lawyer, Jesse Weber. Hey, Jesse, what's going on? Hey, wait. I want to talk about the Biden thing. All right, let me just talk about the Biden thing real quick because The issue with Biden in the position he's put himself in is that he's the everyday man on the common man. I'm just like you. Hey, everybody out there. I'm just like you. I'm right there and right. I've done it up in the coal mines have done it. So now the fact that he boxed himself into this position, but he's wearing a Rolex off very expensive watch that. A lot of people can't afford would ever be able to get. That's why he's put in that position. And may I respectfully disagree with you. How? I don't care whether it is the common man or not. Everyone's entitled to buy what they like what they can afford. I see women. When I worked at feet tone, I saw women who obviously was stretching to buy a veto on hand deck. It made them feel good, so they bought it. Well, Let me ask you a question. Okay? Yeah. Bernie Sanders, Bernie Sanders. That guy has a lot more money than he's claiming he does. Do you see him buying fancy things? No. He's all about the I'm all about the mittens. Mark, Look at these mittens somewhere. These missions are great, You know, job job job job, told the president he wears his Rolex is expensive. He's the 1%. I am not the 1%. Mark. Look at these mittens. Everybody talks about the Mai. I became a mean my mom. Come Where these this jacket that's falling apart. That's me. I'm them every day, man. That's what he does, Mr Sanders. You know what you are. You're a limousine liberal. You're one of those guys that think you don't care where the line is Drawn. As long as the line is behind you. You got more money than you wanna admit it. And you know what you're entitled to. If you haven't embezzled, you haven't stolen. I don't care how much money you have. And the fact that you could afford to fight for the common man. Good. Go right ahead, do whatever you want, but leave everybody else alone. Everybody's entitled to be happy. Certainly you are. You got all the money that you want. You need multiple houses living in multiple places. You have no right to criticize anyone. That's one man's opinion. I just think they're being ashamed for having money. And I think that's a separate point. But look, I I think the world is absolutely going crazy. I think it is and I don't think it's our fault because no one's clear. Like, OK, the national debt, right? Yeah. Does anyone understand the national that no one understand that? No one cares about it. We're never gonna pay that back. The entire GNP is $4 Trillion. That's all the government collects. Our budget is more than four trillion. It can't get anything but worse and all this talk. We're gonna put the burden on our Children. Put the butter in our Children on the Children. What's happening to me? What's the burden? I don't understand it. Let's do another one. The student loan forgiveness something you've also mentioned on the show. What lesson does that send? You made a promise. You said you'd pay the money back, and now we have this new system. If the state government schools air free, like up the high school, Okay, But isn't it on you?.

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