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For the ball out of balance him and. Stare cough go. After it that one should go cities way and a throwing at the midfield. Coming up Kevin Kernan with. Me I'm clayborn if you're just tuning in it is the Leepa FC rivalry Mobile city trying to get revenge for an. Ugly loss this year earlier this year one to. Nothing that was may fifth on derby day we did that from the studios of. Seven ninety that was a tough first game to call Kevin thrown into the, fire like that that was not a fun to do off. Off the monitor in the studio and we could not get anything going. To deepen at noon kickoff on Djerba day, ended up being the. First loss for Louisville city. After a record setting beginning to the season they dropped that one we went down and Asheville, they dropped that one Lewis has. Rally back though cut to, now before in the Eastern Conference a win here would inches closer we wouldn't take over thirty but we'd be, within a point of Charleston with two games in hand on the battery Keep us in very good stead for. Attaining a home match com playoff season or come playoff time I should. Say which is almost like another season anything, can happen they are. So really the only thing. You can really hope for going into the playoffs is home field advantage both these teams looking, to take a breather right now. As Ranjit Singh grabs it, up is a deep kick over the top of the head of mcenery and Ranjit Singh Launch this one up the right wing's trying to find Owen b but. Right now I think as you said Kevin subs will be coming in, and a few minutes I think these guys are just trying to get to that break looks like Not much energy, sorry it looks like now's, waiting in the office here he is going to be. The first substitute of the game when finds a natural stopping point. Here now It's not. Subject it's in the middle here coming back taking part in the game Luke looking to get it over to speedy great defensive play that wasn't recognized there. By Paulo del Piccolo he did a good job. Of, making the first affliction that led to the. Steel. For Ilia good job by Paulo hadn't said his name too. Much today this one back in the. Mid They'll Piccolo has, it up, on the left he's gonna, ship it up ahead trying to get daily he's looking over his head for the ball that one too. Long now all be going after that one kicked out and I think to see about a throw in from one feet away from the flag or are. They gonna move this one up They're gonna move it up.

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