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That definition how would you define bottling i really was not just be tweets links children early is eur eight years old i sense either was easy easy easy i his cowards in too and that's where he actively interested in finding solutions find new reasons for that it is certainly unwanted address and it is also usually power struggle people before nato was sort of like a more at the at the target of the people and that's what we've she she is the attitudes action hooves right your foundation and other institutions have done studies on the reasons why people are the targets of boeing as well as the scale of the problem depending on the polls the reasons why people are the targets of bowling includes anything that set someone apart gender gender identity ethnicity race abilities disabilities social awkwardness and studies have found that the number one reason must sexual orientation real or perceived also bowling it's hard to measure but the foundations polls have found that seventy five to eighty percent of young people knew someone who had been cyberpoll aid and over fifty percent had self identified that they had been the target of cyprus polling that's a big problem and yet some people feel that it's a rite of passage i don't believe that i i believe that beat can prevent that the skies pain that comes out life the plus fully each don't believe army to re any when experience deeply mitze rite of passage sometimes that's how they referred to it it's sort of a rite of passage of growing up a growing up while flying bullying is happen for years news used that i think we advent of technology cheese makes it even larger the pain in the the suffering in the email liaise do nothing and in his should be prevented how is 'cyberbullying different from inperson boeing well any type of humiliation or harassment or bullying that occurs digital cyberworld what would be but we we now consider cyberbulling and i think some of the things that are made several going a little different than while flying bullying or impressed mulling these pretty much three different characteristics one is that this is anonymity people don't necessarily see the other inflicting on another person when they are sending at tax or poster tweets about another person also they think they can hide behind the anonymity sometimes people i.

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