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Be recalled after a fifth was discovered to contain the pitches liver the fish notice fuyu is an expensive winter delicacy but requires the licensed to prepare because parts of it or poisonous the buber's liver is mostly toxic am band a supermarket a gaba gory sold five packages of sort of blowfish meet monday the liver in the package could have contaminated the other beat with the flu poison the poison can't be removed by washing or cooking turns out the stored than some of the liver of a particular kind of blowfish for years saying it's nearly nontoxic the illegal sales surfaced monday when a buyer of one package took it to the health centre with four other packages sold but unaccounted for the city terms of the emergency loud speakers normally used for earthquakes and other disasters to get the word out the volcano on the papua new guinea island of catavzsr are has been erupting for more than a week forcing seven hundred people to leave and three thousand to be evacuated from a nearby island flights in the area have been canceled due to the risk posed by ashk plumes and ships were warned to stay away from the island prime minister peter o'neill warned northern coastal communities to be on alert for possible through nominees he said relevant state resources were being made available to support the evacuations papua new guinea sits on the ring of fire a line of seismic fault in circling the pacific that us frequent earthquakes and volcanic eruptions thank you for listening to the ap radio network pay did you know that the associated press produces newsrelated books the latest installment is first cut first cut brings t moments in presidential pet history to life through the vast photo collection highlights include checkers the dog that was a focal point of nixon's 1950 to checkers speech and the clintons beloved cap sucks first had his perfect for animal lovers and his rebuffed of all ages first had is available on kindle look and ibooks ap radio news i'm tim mcguire congress continues to struggle with finding.

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