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Listening to blues music at like twelve years old like what I know about the blue. What did I know about love and loss? That's that's good parents and right there. Right. You raise right. My first concert, Mike. I was thirteen years old. We'll was it BB king. My dad that's the father of the century right there. My parents, my mom was there too. We go see BB King Live, and I'm literally the youngest person in this spot by like twenty or thirty years. Wow. Like it was. Surprised surprising. You take up guitarist man was funny. We actually had a guitar in the house, but. Now, that's pretty good. Not as good as having an Rb band in your household. My parents parents have an army band, and I went to bed to rehearsals every night. Yes. Hold on. My stepfather has been a New Orleans artists long. I've been alive and my mom started out as his manager. And then became one of his backups things. It's still gigging now. See I say, gigging. Yeah. Yeah. They're still digging. Man like you got to win the New Orleans New Orleans area. Hit me up hit up. Bobby G and stuff like that. I'm so disappointed right now that she didn't know that. Yes. I don't mean would come up in conversation. All the time. There's so many do a couple of things you've dropping his know about as much as we talk a lot of things. I'm still learning about you, man, you're onion like that. They got layers and stuff. So this is just had to come out natural. And so, you know, you mentioned music, I told a lot a lot of people notice. That's that's why musical Thais is. So I'm not a lot of people. Oh, I didn't know this. Oh, yes. What's important? Yes. Thank you. Just put it pulled up on a website. Yes. Bobby Jay and stuff like that. Wait. What makes you feel like doing stuff like that? So every night I went to bed not every night. But I used to go to bed at night study all of that with rehearsals going on to my liberal. I'm so disappointed. I had my dad, and my uncles combined vinyl collection that they gave me why did we not have them performing any BJ in New Orleans? What did you go question? Dropping the ball. That's a really good question. I. I never thought about it. So we need some music from speaking of performance music from the speaking of performances. My first dance. I will take the Pepsi challenge against anybody. Don't look at me like that. I'm so you're win was great. Great wedding was great because you said dance, I'm already concerned about the story. Okay. I dance of my wedding. Oh, okay. I know you're. Little more pedestrian. I I dance in my wedding. My step, dad. Bobby j Jordan. I had I was I was you at my barbecue from my wedding. I've got all the music. Yeah. Okay. Okay. So we came out to Jeffrey Osborne. LTD we got introduced when introduced it was Jeffrey, Mark Osborne. LTD back in love again. Don't don't don't. Dum dum that that and then far first song offers dance, and he blew it out. Must-have dad did love ballot hilt it really. Oh, he can he and do it. Well, rephrase myself that sounds a lot like Jeffrey Osborne in many respects kilted. Jodi, we again, we had the best wedding that I've ever been to. And I just saying that because I was the group was pretty awesome. The ban was great. So my parents did not perform the whole band in before. But they sat in. Okay. And then my mom she ended up singing Etta James last later on word. Yeah. Yeah. So you know, good touch..

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