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Okay. Okay. The most you've ever paid for a concert ticket, and was it worth it? Um the reason I say this is and I said the most I've ever paid was $125 for Rod Stewart. And that was a while ago he was doing standards s O. This was 15 years, probably at the Allstate Arena. This is get is a concert at the United Center. The tickets went on sale just the other day. Okay. It's a band is coming back together. What is he abandon hasn't put something out for a while. You should know this that thing we talked about it a week or so ago. Oh, you're going to Genesis? Yeah. Much. In the 300 level. Okay. All right. Wait, wait. Let me guess, I guess. I didn't tell my girlfriend. I didn't tell them how much they work. I just told her I bought him and it's the most expensive ticket out. Everybody 205 plus fees. 200 plus fees. Okay, see? Damn close, huh? Now I remember when the $100 barrier was broken, Okay? Do you know who I want to say that I want to say you the way you said it over and change my mind, But I won't say you too. No, no. Okay? Hell when hell freezes over to her all eagles, okay? Was at that show to the mid nineties. I remember seeing those tickets and it's like I was so pissed. I want to get cops or somebody grabbing. Yeah, I did not have access to him, so I didn't go. But it was like what 93 something so, But it was like, Are you serious? And you know, it's just been Going up ever since Now, I spent I didn't know what I wasn't it. That's where I was the one earlier because you, said 93. That's where I was. That was much earlier than that. Yeah, that's not when they reunited. The most I spent, I believe was one maybe 1 75 and I never bought him. I was living in L. A Van Halen got back together with David Lee Roth. I was right there at the Staples Center. I paid premium for about 15 rows back. I had to be there. Okay. I was always worth it. My wife was not happy about one ticket. I went public. That's probably why she was no, no, no, no. She would have been worse. It would have been worse, but Bye. That's way, huh? That's why, But there is nothing and a few other a few other things. But it was. Well well worth it. Okay. What? I do that again. You? No, no, no. That was a very unique situation, and I've been blessed that I've been able to get Just thousands of dollars worth of tickets for free. My thing is because I don't go to a lot of concerts. I don't mind paying that. Actually, if you want to see some right I really like Genesis. And Phil Collins has a hard time even standing up because he isn't broken man, As I said, And do you appreciate Genesis like the Peter Gabriel? Here's the real. Our party's The last like land lies down on Broadway stuff like that. Yeah, but they also have an album out called Trick Trick of The Tail album is one of my favorite albums because The 1st 3rd. 1st 3rd 5th and seven songs Your Grace, Clunk. I almost never listened to the 2nd 4th 6 that eight songs. I made it album to what would be worth that money that you just spoke of? If Peter Gabriel showed up and make you do all of that. They're starting the tour here. Yes, they are so out of going number one. I'm going on the second, and that could And that could be a mistake to because, you know, first puzzle shows of attention. I'm going on the second night. It's a Tuesday night, so we're gonna have to prop fill up that lead. Mike. Yeah, I guess that's gonna Mount Prospect and Josh. Josh, what's going on today? Hey, Josh. Great Show long time, listener. First time caller, you all cool 61, of course. Um A just want EO Also give a shout out to all the moms today Thursday, and especially for those who can't be with their mom. Um and all the moms all the ladies out there that wish they could be moms. It's a hard day, too sure definitely is, And I will say the bonus Mom's the step Moms. Have you happy? Yes, because happy Mother's Day because they help out to their tremendous my My. My wife is step Mom to my three kids. Yeah, yeah. You know, I'm actually a Presbyterian minister. And so we celebrated all of the ladies today because you know for the church world do without the lady. You're right about that. Yeah, well, hey, so calling about a couple of things. Versus Sadie, not big counter guys. But I did take my wife to go see the Foo fighters at Wrigley. And that was worth every penny. And that wasn't super deck. I was at that show, but I had an end. But that wasn't She was a good show that but it was Yeah. So and also calling about resting players, um, hated with a passion, um, with especially in the MBA. It is ridiculous. Um, 82 games. Remember when I was a kid going This was post Jordan. Um And I think of hoping to go see Derrick Rose's back. Then it was game 82. He's in play, and I was so upset. So you're not kid, but a little while ago anyways? Yeah, and I think it's getting is great. But there's from the data out there. Just show that You know, being tired is not being you know, hurt if you're injured, you shouldn't play right? You know, you know, and like LeBron lately with the high ankle sprain, we all know that is a horrific injury..

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