Mark Twain, Jay Leno, Donald Trump discussed on Stephanie Miller's Happy Hour Podcast


Talking about your sort of of wall of criticizing other comedians. What's the point of making a speech about how Jimmy Fallon sketches when the entire world could be blown up at any minute by Trump? It really has changed the company nexus hasn't it what it Lewis? Oh, God Lewis black say to us. I said like everyone's like, oh, this is great for comedians. And he's like, yeah. You know, it kind of like having a stroke is good for nap. I mean, it's true because we all were having. Julia Louis Dreyfuss just said this. She got the Mark Twain award the other night, and she's like, yeah. This is really not funny anymore. It's really funny. And yet we're sort of tasked with how do you make it funny with her do you or me or SNL? She said nothing when Jay Leno was presented with the award. This is another words speak out. It's another speak out. And you know, why Jay Leno the Mark Twain award because they're very similar Mark Twain also had an exotic collection of steamboats that he kept a huge garage. And also, he never touched his tonight show money, Mark Twain. See this is because it was always very nice to me. My wife and many of my friends of up making stop it already. Starting to look like it's my issue. Now, he's been retired for fourteen years. Exactly. Does that car show does a cargo? Although I will say that when I had my radio show, we had I know. Ultimately peak hack. We had a joke. Contest for some reason. And so Jay Leno called into my screener hung up on him. Because he didn't think it was him. Right. No. It was Jay. Stephanie. Yeah. Yeah. His that is the worst person. In medical news and britney's those how is it? How would he end link? Trump. Do you think in the model every night? They do funny things about his hair. Founded messing it up. Yeah. That that messed up Jimmy found in a way his career ended. But I don't know why I'm so shot in for about it. Yeah. Everyone needs to be and the learn now. He he's your time, my friend. I love that. You're gonna stars berry bittermann. Oh in Oh the. in the dark comedy, the fine. That movie has not shot yet. But this is the story of my entire career. Oh, congratulations in that movie. Can't say it's the it's not quite in the can yet when I say not quite in the can. I mean, I've not shut any of it. Sorry production. Yeah. I have a podcast. That's Lindsey Graham says. What I mean by that? What I was about your podcast. It's called thought spiral. And it's me and my podcast parter, Josh Elvis Weinstein of recent geeks. Recites Julie them extra extraju is just to jus two hours to microphones, no guests. There's nothing to look forward to in the show name that I love the those two megaphones to could've named with that thought spiral. And I'm gonna tell you man since I started this podcast. You see the sheriff's I'm wearing now got them. Good. Yeah. Pretty sweet. I'm think five thousand listeners after year and a half. You made a good point podcast. You said people podcast love to have food delivered to their houses uncooked in a box. Listen, the people that do that. No. That Sunfire fair is the best of those products Andy way, suite as stronger. Some basket. I'm sorry. Son, Costa, sun basket, sun basket is the best of those boxes of uncooked food that do love them. Indy. Can learn what your point tell me about them wanting to live because your podcast, son. Best. Some basket is the best right sound like the vita vitamin girl. Yes. I love it. When you bring your son basket leftovers down here to share. Thank you. Quick and easy recipes for the best. I Jacob son van you played your Marc Maron has done this podcast. You have been on. Mark Marins a show on bright the TV show playing version of yourself..

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