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The basement of their Boulder, Colorado, home of the Boulder Police Department side. Wass hate Ramsey's did it. There are a number of investigators who all say that the murder of JonBenet Ramsey was not done by the family but by intruders through a series of Boston vest, IG ations, multiple district attorneys and finger pointing at family and friends. John Bonnie's killer remains at large way looked at lots of suspects. Now the killing of John Manet. The final suspects follows a brand new investigation into America's most heinous on South murder in this exclusive 12 part documentary series. We're looking into the top 10 suspects that were never pursued. Are there other suspects that need to be looked at absolute Should there be other suspects? Deena's collected absolutely. Lynley Detective Lou Smith died. He left behind a list of suspects he felt were most likely responsible for this crime. He may have run out of time. Now with that list in hand, will investigate each person one by one. My name's Doug Longini. I've been reporting on this case for 20 years and now assembled a team of investigators to track down every name on Detective Lou Smit's list. I was counting How many Ace hardware stores are on this list. I was just telling you about for a 30 in this region. A.

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