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Kevin durant is barely above five hundred with clay with draymond usually in the last twenty without steph steph twenty and oh without k d kevin durant not even the most valuable player on his own team clearly and you're lecturing me on these better than the broad outside of shooting a three he didn't do anything better than lebron he doesn't rebound he doesn't pass he didn't defend he doesn't shoot down low he doesn't lead he isn't intimidating again this goes back to what i've been saying the media has made its bad they've made a choice we like and protect kevin durant we like him and we protect him and we are tired of lebron golden state is a grease fire right now getting beat by forty where's the alpha male where's the leader i got i got to give credit to my partner jason whitlock on speak for yourself he's never bought into k d as the alpha he's never bought indicators better than lebron my level of respect for katie has never been as high as everyone else's he's a bit of a momma's boy is just to me i feel like i've always had him in perspective he's not an alpha and again when you go look at their record without steph curry and then when steph plays without k d they're twenty in oh so again one of these guys is alpha male leader championship one guy to me isn't dren leads the league in tex has complete rabbit ears got busted for fake burner twitter accounts eleven and nine in the last twenty without steph where's the hyperventilating beat by forty last night by utah.

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