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Annual brady street festival today the street will be closed for traffic between van buren and farewell so that four stages for music and plenty of food vendors can set up the festival runs from eleven until midnight i'm walking we'll spend thirty one years behind bars for the murder of cared sinek the milwaukee woman was robbed and fatally shot outside her place of work in january of twenty seventeen her husband kevin sassy having a chance to speak before sentencing Friday upset she died alone with her, glasses line, shattered on cold round next to her Cairns last site was snowflakes, gently falling to the sidewalk melting and turning red as they he mixed with. Her blood a new restaurant coming in Madison won't be following set. Prices on its menu instead they will let people pay what they can for their items our goal for this business is to take the money. That we get as income and then push it back into other parts of the community so taking. Profits from the store that's hopefully profitable and using that to help fund. The food carts, they can go out to some other neighborhoods that might be lower income the chef ads they hope to. Also hire people with disabilities and veterans and exact location has not been settled on yet the Milwaukee public museum is offering a glimpse, into what it's new building may look like, they are. Working, with local architects and internationally renowned design firms to come up with concept images presidency oh Dennis Koi is says they want more open, concept with. A slightly smaller building and ideas that museums don't have to be closed boxes Very. Dark places you can both protect those collections and have them be great civic spaces concept designs are available at the museum's website Jay forecast for today, partly cloudy, of pleasant a high of seventy seven for tomorrow partly. Cloudy a, slight chance of thunderstorms, high of seventy seven for Monday Partly cloudy more storms could be. Other way high of seventy eight every Tuesday mostly cloudy and cool scattered showers and storms likely a high of seventy two in. Sports the birds take game two of the series, with the giants with a three to one score our game day coverage of. Game three in, the series begins. Right, here at seven thirty five and the birds make a trade with the kids a CD royals late last night acquiring third. Baseman Mike we stock is for outfielder Brett Phillips and right, handed pitcher. Or halo Pez I'm Greg hill NewsRadio.

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