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And the power company Florida power and light seeking help to get their air conditioners back online Michael says staff also took up then Florida governor Rick Scott on his offer to nursing homes and hospitals to call him directly with any problems they call his cell phone more than ten times and he never called back police say more arrests are likely Greg Allen NPR news Hollywood Florida a classic southern California attraction is getting an upgrade to liberate tarp it's not just the good be black pits themselves but the area surrounding them and maybe even the famous mammoth well this week three architecture teams presented their visions for a re designed liberate targets some more dramatic than others from just under ten was there for the unveiling of those designs and she hosts KCRW's design and architecture hi Frances LRA place to go a lot when I was a kid probably took some field trips as well a can you remind us a bit about what's there well I can tell you Larry the ship it's probably pretty much has it walls when you were a kid because your young fellow and in fact what we're told last night at the presentation is that not much has been done to the page museum and the topics in the last forty two years since the museum was was built now that museum is home to all sorts of fossils all sorts of amazing discoveries but what's amazing about the top it says you know and by the way them on the north and east and and of Hancock park they share a site with black mold I'm what you have there is this incredible archaeological site in the middle of a megalopolis dating back at fifty thousand years to an ice age which delivered to us now these this bubbling it's actually asphalt even though the coal tar which of the containers all of fossils of everything from Willie mama's through two tiny animals and plants and what the museum is saying is that with all the changes coming very close to it the lack more extension the new academy museum except took such a they feel it's time to also one have an upgrade expand and make sure that they bring to the full two two more public visibility their own treasure trove of one two months and that's what the design competition was about all right so you know the museum sits atop a grassy sloping burn that's a that's a big attraction for kids but before we get to what's happening to that grass for that blood mammoth I'll have to ask this is this is such a familiar spot for so many Angelenos even tourists what are they want to redesign it they want to we designed it because they say they've that basically bursting at the seams with fossils and bones and other artifacts they want to put on display the top it's themselves as you may be aware this like a kind of it kind of a back drop you can walk through that part time didn't sort of barely notices that bad so they want to sort of clean up expand more of a and Hans entrance improve them infastructure bowls a whole bunch of things so what did the designers come up with well we have three design teams they also have heavy hitting within the design world one is daughter mantra that's a Danish from one is Weissman Frady from New York the other still a school for you and one for also from New York but they designed the bloated museum in downtown Los Angeles you proved me so you might be familiar with that work each of them I will say presented pretty ambitious looking projects last night with very fancy renderings but anyway one from door to mount it wanted to just make the page museum Towle another firm Weissman fady wanted to add on a hold of the building that would be a kind of elliptical shape building was sort of reflect the existing and then connect two ways above menu then be able to see through the glossy facade of the sperm into the expanded museum that would be under the Hale telescope video when for who love doing kind of sculptural buildings they wanted to wrap they want to get rid of the museum will together create a kind of Cuba translucent Q. building that they would envelop in these kind of concrete petals that would be like a pin wheel there's a lot of talk about climate change a lot of talk about the Pleistocene era landscape that walls once that you could learn about from all the exhibits and that we should be really reflecting on and maybe some have noodling away into the landscape design now to really make this a project of looking back to the post but also looking forward to a future with X. when we are experiencing climate change right so a lot of ideas swirling around right now when it comes to re designing a major landmark like this emotions I know can run a little bit high is there any sense of which proposal might win out and will they go big or do you think they'll be safe well currently there is no big paycheck ready to pay for a super ambitious project as we understand it the natural history museum's there put public private partnership to have support from LA county and the supervisors of allocated preliminary funding for the monster planning of the eastern portion of the park so there has to be some fundraising for any big ambitious major over holes to the building but they're sending very keen and they are inviting the public to go to their website respond to a survey that asking for favors we already put images out on our Instagram each in their own way really designed big as to whether that is ultimately what the museum is going to be able to embrace and build it's a it's unclear right now well soul I will get a lot of ideas happening it's a treasured site in Los Angeles one of the most treasured sites to think in an LA process under ten host of KCRW's design and architecture thanks so much you're very welcome Larry sponsors include.

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