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In my new. Our to when I was touring. I was like if you did something. Just tell me because I'm GonNa know you did something we'll and I'm going to create something in my head. That will be so much worse. Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah. It's interesting because to me is soon as I am like. Let me see your phone. It's over you know as soon as I'm feeling any of that soon. As any of these conversations are happening. I'm like it's over. Yeah questioning any of it in my whole thing cheating is like if you want to cheat. Don't blame you'll just tell me and let's break up And let's make it a break up where you dated someone else. Yeah yes sort of like. Let's make cheating not cheating if you find yourself being attracted to someone else and you just tell me. I'm only on the way over. I'm a big girl. I can handle it. Yup. I don't blame someone but just tell me and then we can maybe get back together if it works out later. We'll go date other people for a while and if it's going to be it's meant to be because here's the thing them telling you either that. I'm attracted to somebody else. I'm GonNa go see where this goes. Probably were all attracted to somebody else right. Everyone's attracted to someone. Yeah the game isn't. Are you attracted to someone else? That's how do we go through life resisting fucking everyone yes. That's where we're both signing up to do. We're the best. No I'm giving up people to yes. You're not the only person giving stuff up. Yep We're both. Were both passing on a lot of people in choosing each other every day and by the way not just having sex with other people having. Fritsch full lie with other human beings. It's not like oh I don't get you fuck anymore. Yeah I could have been in investors way. I'm missing out on fulfilment yeah. I met had on traveling. Those are different live beautiful countries. Yes I'm giving you my life. Yup Yup and maybe not better but just different. There are lots of people. I could have been happy with. Yeah so you have to make sure you really like hanging out with that person so for me. The cheating thing is like if you tell me that you cheated on me. I take that as you respect me enough to be honest with me. What I can't forgive. Is You thought I was stupid? You aren't trying to like keep safe for protect our relationship or like I was just so afraid to lose you know. You're afraid that you are afraid that you I was going to be mad at you and you're GONNA have to deal with consequences of your actions so I think that's the difference to me is like either way. You did a terrible thing. In one situation you take responsibility for it and you show me respect by saying. I'm going to tell you WANNA be up front with you and then another situation I let me Dow. Here's where I would. I would say if someone is. I'm happy to be wrong here. If like the mentality of like you're respecting me by telling me you don't respect me if we're in the situation at all. Oh interesting you. If you respect me we wouldn't be having this conversation but I think sometimes people cheat because they don't feel good enough for their partner then. You're not good enough then. You're not as you're not yeah. We're not good enough for me. I I agree. Yeah we agree on. You just proved it. Yeah Yeah you're not good enough and that's okay. I took me a long time to stop confusing. Love and pity Like I don't if I pity you. That's not the same thing feeling. Sorry for you get out of there. Yeah this like Oh your feelings of inferiority like okay. I want someone who is wildly better than me. Yes I do not want. Someone is worse right any like. Oh I'm Outta. It's no that's incest. I'm your mom but yeah I do think it's like I'm so zero tolerance about that. I mean I had to let it get so bad. You know I mean the stuff I've seen in phones folks who brutal. I've never gone through anybody's found at the most I've ever done is go. Show me your tax with this person of me go through. Your phone. Didn't go gray Jr. He kept he's healed emojis. Not just like making plans with somebody. He said he didn't make plans with. I'm and you're like it's over like yeah. Say like even if you didn't cheat on me you lied about it. And so you're going to over like what are you. And it's it's taking me okay. My Dogs farting is getting out of control No I I do think look baby. This is the wrong advice and people are in quarantine and they can't leave is soon as you're saying where have you been? What was that like? It's over right. You can come back from it. Yeah Yeah I just don't think you can. Yeah I agree you know. Although you know being touring comedians. There's always gonNA be some days that you're like. Hey worry why didn't I hear from you for twenty minutes and it's like okay? We're both in you know shitty cities. You're being a little weird. Yeah like sometimes it is. Just you're a little weird isn't he? When what way like? I'm so I've only met your boyfriend wants. I was so endeared by him weird that he so nice. I agree with that. He's just like he's very nice. He's very engaged. Like I was weird like I I I. I thought he didn't like me and then I was like high. We've never met before. And then he was like so nice so nice so nice. It's kind of. Does that ever make you insecure about? All I've ever wanted was the guy who's Nice. And then you date someone who's nice and it's like. Why are you this nice to everyone? They probably think flirting. Oh I don't feel that way I do this with. This is not a SAM thing. This is amy with everyone thing. Yeah when I started dating people anything. Nice they do. I'm like the move. This is how you do it. Just go like what did you do? Just tell me really. Flowers out of nowhere. What did you do let me your? Oh Wow you're worse than maybe you see. I don't think they did anything yet. I'm just like all right. This is how you operate does your bed. This is what you've done this everyone great to me and sometimes it is so Richard Pryor DVD. But this is what you do for every girl. You like your comedian. I thought you'd like the fucking thing though is sometimes. It is their move like sometimes. That's what they do by the way. What do we not want them to have dated anyone? It's like Oh and you've never done anything that you've done this. I'm like okay but you also have done some. You've you've done your spot. Yeah you have your Jersey. They Bring out to show. You're a cool girl. But I also think it's like and maybe this is just bird's eye view forming like older like you want a guy who's dated a lot of people not been cheated or womanized or been abusive or any that you want someone because it's other women have done some work for you You know what I mean. Consider them your teammates. I consider XS. My teammates lake. Thank you for whatever training you did. Yeah thank you now. We're passing the baton. I'm inheriting. It's like getting dog for like adopting your dog from another family. It's like you taught him out of saying you're talking about I do like thank you. There's still more work to do but I like to see X.'s. As sister hood but what if they would've they abused your dog. And you're like now I can't shut the door to freak out keeps biting me. Yeah and every time I shut the door. They think I'm leaving. That's on you. It barks at all women. Yeah I peed on my leg. I think it depends. I mean there's definitely times when you're like having sex with the guy in the beginning and you're like okay. I just learned a lot about your accent right but she's into but we're not doing that here. where it's like I just. I know everything about her. Now Start from scratch. She trained very well and was like almost two communicative about this But I do think that we don't want to be with people that have no relationship experienced such a careful balance and is of feel the same way that you did about feeling insecure. Like oh if they find anyone else attractive Then they're going to go to them and we're all attracted to other people and it's fine that's healthy. It's normal the normal to grill longtime especially the religious roots. Parents are like Mike Pence level. We don't have lunch with the opposite sex alone they are. You want people to have all these women are hot and I choose you ask what you want exactly. You want someone that's dated a lot of people so by the time they get to you. They can actually appreciate you. You know if you're the only person someone's ever been with great Like you're the like best of one right exactly. That's the fifty. Yeah Oh you could have all these women and you're choosing me or you have data all these people now. You appreciate what I bring to the table because you have something to compare me to right. Exactly that's the healthy way to look at it Right yeah therapists would say. Don't say that don't say healthy say helpful. Oh really why's that and say that's not healthy? Oh you said it's on it's on a judgment on yourself that's not healthy to say like okay helpful oh no so much so mired there's so much to talk to yourself gently. She gets really into the words we use and makes me substitute words with judgment on them in the things that sort of so slowly chip at our sole I remember one time because I think self-deprecation is something we go to allot any way. Remember time I was talking to her and I was like. I'm starting to stutter. Which means you know we have to wrap this up I've like carpal tunnel of the tongue and I was talking to her and I was like. Oh you know whatever I hate myself. I'm so stupid. I can't believe I did that. And she was like what is that. Those are like what is that thing where you call yourself stupid and you hear yourself and I was like oh no it's like I'm a comedian. Like punctuate my sense. That was a period. It's the constant refrain of my life. And I go no I just say like I hate myself because it's like it's funny and she was like not that funny shoes just like. I'm not laughing like really uncomfortable when you do it and you're like well it's worked for a lot of audience just sold out in Pensacola. So what do you know about the comedy but it was funny because it made me realize oh I think I thought it made people like me more when I degrade myself if I make myself smaller. They think I'm like full of myself and it doesn't I found with other people do. I'm just like oh no. Yeah now. Do I have to ask if you're okay? Yeah Okay what a delight your I love talking to you you are. Oh my God and fun. Are we friends now? I feel like we're we're really. You're my best friend. Never letting you leave my break. My legs like misery. There is no cell service at Whitney's house by the way for everyone listening. I the Passover about I want you to connect your No it's going to be like What was the movie? See your references misery. What's the one boxing Helena? This was a movie that famously Kim Basinger which was attached to and she pulled out at the last minute and they sued her a whole saga. I read about an Alec Baldwin's book and that was fascinating to me because I like. Sometimes you get attached projects and you're like I wonder what happened. I quit like what? Are they going to sue me like they can signing a contract? That says you have to do this job right and it was A. I can't believe I love playing the game of like. Can you believe that movie made? This was a movie about a guy that was so in love with his some woman he was a surgeon and he cut off her arms and legs and after box. Oh my God corentin viewing. Why the fuck would you tell me that? I'm just telling you someone was like. This was their dream project. They wrote the script they went out and pitched it. Like person should be put down. You know how long it takes to get a movie made like when I'm like. Why was that the thing you wanted to spend three years on? That was your vision. Boxing Helene in one thousand nine hundred mystery thriller with Horror Elements Director by Jennifer Lynch during Sherline Fan with horror elements..

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