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Lot unpacking acting air time. Pack their colonel. Are you surprised. No I'm not surprised. I mean this is who they are. This is what they think and believe. I don't think he's in Iowa anymore. Maybe maybe he is in a gulag right. Hopefully I'll get to go to a gulag. They're probably GonNa just execute me when they take over. The interesting thing Sarah in guys. Is that that if you look at. What a state senator just said in Virginia State Senator Marston? He is saying that everyone support the Second Amendment has a mental illness. And so this is what they if you don't believe and embrace our ideological agenda no matter how failing it is then. There's something wrong with you and you need need to be reeducated or you have a mental illness. Something along that now they will never say that. TRANSGENDERISM is a mental condition which the American psychiatric association said because they embrace that is part of their agenda. So this is going to be okay. You know we talked off lot. This GonNa be an incredible twenty two thousand for you guys because they're just gonNA keep feeding you all all the ammunition because they believe that you know we're out of the bag now Jason. What are your thoughts? There was so much I don't even know where to start. But this is so great for them to finally kind of out themselves in their own words when he was talking about. Why do you think we want free education? Why do you want to why do you? Why do you think that it's such a good idea for us the government to the educate your kids indoctrination it's exactly reeducation indoctrination? That's exactly what it's therefore I couldn't believe that a lot of that wouldn't wasn't even showed would but he talked about you know if burning I thought this from the get-go And I haven't actually last time with the super delegates went to Hillary and he was so mad and the big split which also call a Aqazadeh big split like with center American progress That's Oh my gosh. That was untouchable. You know the leading progressive think tank. Now it's just gone Their online presence has gone But but if he was saying that if they do this again to them while they're in Milwaukee walk ask if they do this in Milwaukee there will be. They said it'll make nineteen seventy-eight look like a girl Scout Out Cookie reunion or something like that. He was bringing fire to the street. He said he said if he does not win. The nomination Milwaukee will burn or even if you go second ballot right right yeah you'll look like Chicago. Imagine imagine you put revolutionaries running for president of the United States revolutionaries sink shirtless in the Soviet Union. How do you think they're going to operate wants things? Come you talk and gloves. You know you're talking indoctrination and you're talking about the streets of Milwaukee burning. You can get Zurve. I guess the bad part is that he's not going to be asked about it. He's not it can be asked to answer for this personal his staff if he was they would just frame him as well. This is just some radical staffer that we have and I don't worry about him but they're not going to show there's video on any of the networks at the people who vote for the Democratic primary whatever watch so it's just GonNa blow under the rug and so we will see it and we already know what we think about them. We already know what's behind and these policies that they're doing but the people who actually are GonNa make the decisions for that party. They're not gonNA really be aware of this and a lot of them. I mean. Maybe they're okay with this kind of talk. I don't know but we won't find out because because we won't see it on but I think the concern they have to have I mean and I'm going back to the General Sulamani The rhetoric they're creating the commercials for September up timber in October in their own words. Because if Bernie Sanders does become the nominee. You can guarantee that that will be a commercial advertisement that will resurface Starting as soon as they say you know our nominee you know future President Bernie Sanders Bam. That keeps going to that. Venezuela's there's I think something happened with the green new deal where one of the people behind it said. It's not about climate. It's about changing economy. You flip upside down. You know that sometimes I say that quite apart out loud but it doesn't really get publicized. Publicized it really is on us to try to get that out there as much as we can Colonel I wanna go back to something you said just about how the left is so good. I think at re Freeman. What words mean and reframing something to make something either sound benign when it's not right or vice versa? You know you talked about transgenderism. That's not a mental illness. That's totally fine. But believing in the Second Amendment which is part of you know what this country was founded upon that makes you have mental illness. I see in this video to where you have someone talking about. That's what they had to do to Nazis. Put them in Gulags. And it's like who are the Nazis really in this current day situation. Dan well that's the thing and that's what education that's why what you all do. Every single day is is important because Nazi stood for National Socialists So let's start talking about what Socialists do and Benito Mussolini was an Italian Fascist dictator. Let's start talking. About what fascists. Do you know anti file. Who goes out and says there? antifascists okay. Yeah they're beating up and keeping people from having a First Amendment freedom of speech and freedom of expression. Hello MC fly. Maybe we need to have some conservative education education camps the to teach these young people what they're not getting so is so important we take the language back from them. You know instead of saying abortion murdering an unborn child is not women's reproductive health. They're very good masters at Language in lexicon manipulation And I think that's something that if I can criticize is the current. GOP can do it a lot. But I'll do it a little bit right here. I can change danger Jason. I know where you're going you're right. I think there's an absence a- actual teaching conservative values is a lot of people are like saying. Oh those conservatives you know oh like pick. Some random person has nothing at all to do with conservatism. But they're grouping us all together right now. I haven't really okay. Yes I will invoke the holy name of Reagan for a second. I haven't really seen someone do that effectively until a guy that was a liberal and had to study this stuff in depth on his own by reading through it was when he was when he was doing stuff with Ge he learned all this stuff on his own and then was able to with charisma. Teach it to people. I don't see that today. The only people I try I see trying or I don't know maybe people on the internet or something like that but not people people that are elected government nowadays. I also think Give me your thoughts Aaron. I also think that I completely agree with you Jason. I think that we're not teaching history anymore. And we're not using opportunities to say okay so you keep calling someone a Nazi But could you. Let's talk about what the Nazis actually did head and what they stood for and what their ideals were. And let's line that up and see who they aligned with more at this particular point. Isn't anybody watching that clip. I mean it's nonsense what he's saying and Nazi has become a thing where they say it so much to somebody I disagree with. I'm a Democrat and somebody I disagree with. That's a Nazi so we're going to throw in a camp and make you believe what we believe. Because you're the Nazi anybody who had an understanding of history in the context of that word they will look at that and say this person has no idea what they're talking about because that word has just become sort of just a name that you call somebody that you don't like you can just get away with saying that. And he believes that he's using it accurately. I'm sure just like a combination. And just like racist sexist Homophobic Obama phobic th. They just throw these labels out there but they really don't have any meaning anymore. Yeah I know coming up. We're going to talk about the democratic debate happening tonight Erin. You said so. You mentioned that you don't think that Bernie is going to be asked about this particular video that surfaced at all. You don't even think they're going to bring it up and it is a CNN debate abate. They're going to challenge them in that way. I don't think it's in their interest to tear down their own candidates. You know they'll push them on policy differences a little bit but they're not going to call somebody out. I'd be surprised if they called him out on the thing about can a woman win. I'm not sure they'll even ask that because they're not trying to risk tarnishing one of the candidates that might be the one to go up against trump. They're not going to give of any AMMO to trump against their own top front runners Jason Anything who is interesting actually because I initially. When you're saying that I completely agree with you but then I was wondering you should filagree? Just WanNa see more intelligent but I don't know like there is a push now within the elites within the media with everyone to kind kind of help Biden along I think on some of these so I'm just curious I I don't know if you know they're they'll feel pressured to be like. Oh my gosh. One of these crazies is getting a little bit closer. I wonder if we should help. Tip The scales a little bit You know Joe I don't know I think it would be smart for Biden to bring it up absolutely smart for by the and that's what I wonder as well. What do you think Sanders is in the top position in Iowa. He's got the spotlight on him. Someone is going to bring this up. Someone that's going to cause controversy absolutely they have to cannibalize each other other now because they're fighting. What three weeks? They're fighting for that small pool and right now. Warren wants to convince the the sanders crowd. Because that's sir crowd. The far left crowd this. She's the one that can take that that standard Ford and what you're right the the folks there they are of the Democrats thousand. Jim Messina. His even come out and say hey guys timeout. We're getting a little bit too wacky. And so they're very concerned that they're setting themselves up for a McGovern Mkaku Mondale moment here in this year. I mean the the the the the war in leak was came out through CNN. Then right yes so. It almost seems like they're already in that pocket of we gotta do something against Bernie Sanders guest coming over to your corner. I think this was probably brought up tonight. All right on the democratic debate when we return.

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