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I think Javonte Williams is already the Broncos lead back. He's there. I think he might already be their best running back. What Teddy Bridgewater likes him. That is a lot to put. Even if you put all these qualifiers and like try to attempt you mentioned that name. It's like, okay, Broncos may have something here, and they do. They absolutely have something in Javonte Williams. And he might be, you know, we focus on the quarterbacks and everything I think as this season goes on It will still be about Teddy Bridgewater because everything is about the quarterback. But I think we're going to be talking about the performance of Adjuvant Williams more than we talk about a lot of other guys. I'm not Having him for rookie of the year. I'm just saying The value is there If you want to take a chance, you know, everyone's talking about Najee Harris. For the Steelers and for good reason. But I think Javonte Williams has a chance to be the best rookie back. And If the Broncos commit to him And don't do this, Melvin Gordon Javonte Williams back and forth thing and just commit You might have a chance to put up some numbers and be in that conversation for rookie of the year. Story number two is not a positive story. This is very sad. In fact, the the dream is over. Because today the Rockies beat the Rangers. Why would you say that? Ryan? Why would you say that? This is sad. This is a happy day, The Rockies won a baseball game. Yeah, well, it's their 18th Road win. And by winning their 18th road game. That means that they will not equal. The 63 Mets are 2010 Pittsburgh Pirates as the worst road team in the history of baseball. Why is that a bad thing? Ryan, you ask Because This is the type of stuff that will be used as ammunition. By Dick Monfort. To tell us status quo for next season if you are not historically bad. And maybe the how Historically bad they would have been on the road is counteracted by how crazy good they are at home for some reason. Maybe it would have been already. But to say that the Rockies are the Worst team in the history of baseball on the road. That's the only chance you have to get through to Dick Monfort, even if you can. I mean, you probably can't But now that they're not going to be historically bad on the road, it's going to be well. We were great at home. We just need to figure out how to win a few more road game. Guys extrapolate the numbers. Interpolate the data. If you want what's best for the Rockies. Which is probably a complete and utter tear down. You have to have that card to play, which is You thought you were pretty good. Anyone the fewest road games in the history of baseball, like, Don't tell us Status quo. Tear this thing down, Mr. Gorbachev. Mr. Monfort tear down this baseball team. Nope. Got 18 Sorry. 63 met. Sorry. 2010. Pittsburgh Pirates. You will not have company and you're very, very exclusive and illustrious group. As Iraqis got 18 road winds By the way, they lost the series to the Rangers. By the way, they lost two of 30. Story number three today. Is Ben Simmons. Just burning whatever bridge may exist between he and the Philadelphia 76 ers. Reports today. Say that Ben Simmons Will play for Any One of the other 29 teams in the N B, a rather than the Philadelphia 76 ers. Any of them. Lakers clippers. Sure, Why not golden State? Well, of course you'd want to go there. Minnesota Sacramento. He will go anywhere. Except Philadelphia. That is how you get out of the city. That is how you do it. Is that you say I will play for anyone Trade me anywhere. You take your pick. I will go play there because I am done here. You know, with Anthony Davis kind of only want to go to the Lakers. Maybe there was a time with the Bulls. Maybe. But it was mostly the Lakers. James Harden didn't want to go anywhere. You want to go to only a handful of teams. Maybe not even that. Carmelo Anthony. Want to go to New York or New Jersey. Because the Nets were in New Jersey at the time. That's hard. For general manager. When you pigeonhole him like that and say I want out, but oh, by the way, I'm only willing to go to these teams and you can write it on like Receipt from a gas station where he bought a stick of gum like it's not a long list makes it very difficult. For general manager to trade you. But it also what it does. It makes it easy for general manager The same. Sorry. We gotta keep you Your options were too limited. We can't work out a deal with only one or two teams. Ben Simmons is like no trade me anywhere. And here, ladies and gentlemen. This is a historic day. This has never happened in the history of the NBA. A star player. Has actually requested to be traded to the Denver Nuggets. I know. You stick around long enough history can be made. That's where we're at. This is history. People know Star player in the history of the NBA has ever requested a trade to the Denver Nuggets. Ben Simmons just did By saying he would go literally.

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