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Yeah. With With the doctor Oh yeah yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And I think there's only three right. There's only three main murders. That chucky does. It doesn't go on the killings. going. Killing spree like. Jason does and. That I mean, would go out Maggie. And Caputo, and Dr Yet Oh. So there's four. Her. On the floor. And? From this point. This is when he US. and. You feel like it's more. On Alan. Okay more what. I think I have that wrong So I'm not. GonNa say. That would. I'm curious now. I think it was just the wording and say it out loud. It's it'd be like, what are you talking about? Oh. I'm editing myself right now and just not saying that at all. Okay. So let's get into the. Trivia Trivia. False was the role of chunky pass by one person. Local. True. Was a little not true to your false but true. Though some scenes show Andy Barclay's actual sister chucky himself was played by Ed gale who got his start as Howard the duck. Then played. In child's play to. The right of Chunky. And, yeah, he was actually. There's only stood about like maybe three foot four inches like so. He can actually fit into. A costume and they would actually make bigger furniture to actually do some of the effects. Like all his desk seen. Or one of his death scenes. I guess we can kind of get into that already if you want to. But I mean, let's use the Trivia I. Guess you do that. Let's Trivia. And Yeah he was able to actually perform some things. Because, they actually made larger furniture. And Yeah So. They. Bit Him to scale? To actually look like an actual dull. and. Chucky is the name of the Guy Dolle true or false. fall. Is Actually true because Chucky? Guide Dell's name was never actually said. Right, 'cause I thought they were like all different, right? There online showed. Is. He introduces himself Chucky. And then. Actually on the commercial. Introduced the KID's name. If I. Recall. Little commercial. And the good guy, they'll. The Guy Mascot is actually is another fun fact is actually the director in costume. So. One. Here's one. Child's play was filmed in Los Angeles i. kind of pulled a little trick on this one. In Los Angeles yes. that. have to like based on some of it in Los Angeles. Yes you are correct. Oh. We did mentioned early. In Chicago and Chicago that you can actually. You can actually look up. Some of the places we're actually filmed. The. Of HARMON building? From the actual. Movie poster is still standing. I think. Interesting like. Like. Why the building? My show. Yeah. Yeah because like. Well there is a scene where. They're going up. This is where he tries to get into Andy's body. There's a scene where The light. A. Famous qc all, the eighties. Sifi was in ghostbusters they do it in like. This one you know the alighting I, Dunno do they show the cloud? This I think they just did the lightning. Yes that is is false. It was built in Chicago and Los Angeles? Yes. So. you what One out of three. Said false I think on that one. If I remember. But. Sorry. Sorry. Use the. Effects because I have them. God. Forbid? He. Said trombone. Little bit worse than it actually meant. Like. Sounded Weird. I to do this ad drum bone on you. Whatever that means but..

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