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NBC News radio built three more people are now unaccounted for. Among the devastation of the North Complex West Zone in Butte County. That brings the number of missing in the wildfire to 19. Chair of Cory Honey says that he's asking for more search and rescue teams right now, the areas that we need to search are too hot, and Cal Fire has asked us to wait to deploy those later when that is safe for that to be done. So we're gonna be evaluating that appointment starting on Monday. The death toll is also being lowered to nine as one set of remains has been determined to be the model of a skeleton. Among the dead are a 77, year old woman and a 16 year old boy. Meanwhile, President Trump is praising the first responders working on wildfires out on the West Coast. On Twitter. Trump revealed that he's approved more than three dozen Stafford Act declarations to support everybody taking part in fighting the flames. More positions say they're experiencing burnout and loneliness as a result of the pandemic. Mike Blunt reports, spokesperson Leslie Kean says. Many doctors say they're having trouble letting go of work. When they get home. They can just turn on a smile when they get back home and like Hi, honey, everything's fine. As a result, Kane says. Their personal relationships are suffering. Approximately 7500 physicians were contacted worldwide for the survey, including 5000 Doctors in the U. S. The 9 11 memorial Lights are shining at the World Trade Center Lisa Taylor has more originally The plan was canceled due to the pandemic, but an outpouring on social media in support of the tribute lights has brought them back. It's also happening at the flight 93 Memorial in Pennsylvania. Both could be seen 60 miles away, and we'll stay lit through the morning. The 9 11 Memorial Museum will also reopen tomorrow since being closed for the pandemic. In the Democratic address, New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is calling on the Senate to pass Corona virus relief..

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