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A huge with alanthea's um and yeah that was sort of a a jumping off point was thinking about that film and then how could we try something like that in television which you know television expanded to a really you know funding adventurous place but uh we ended up taking a different route once we looked into sort of you know global cinnamon than the idea of just making our and now our own retro fitted show a we were never going to be able to find something that was already made it could then just double over like the yet the only way to do it was too was to make it could it didn't exist in a in another thing is that allow the shows if you look at global television the shows are good you know you don't really want to mess with them um some great she has great german show to tort uh there's lap your vra from from italy um and even the kate thirty cases major zemun is is a well done show um so you know we we kind of veered away from the the bad filmmaking angle and tried to represent something that or make something that was more representational of of actual a global television or cinema yeah because this is presented as what would have been a real show a real scripted series that you might have found behind the iron curtain it looks like you basically recreated everything and played it straight with the actors in everything and then the only humor comes in in the dubbing when you go back into post that when you cut a layer in the humor but you can watch it and also free shade it for a pretty good kind of police procedural time show i i started buying into it on that level as well race kirk's at failed art of their that ahead zelda wasted array i mean again early on i think when it even when i was uh you know pitched at years remind ghosts when is presented as this of romanian matt dance denounce to miami vice.

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