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Fear device finishing thoughts on Leslie Van Houten. Been denied parole. Gavin Newsom Stephan is in now. Jason joining us from Folsom tonight. Jason how you on the power wall show. Pat. But. So I've kinda nursing take on this. I dated a girl and then grew up with her. You know growing up with her junior high school. And her aunt was actually one of the victims of. Wow. Yeah. So she, so I won't go into all details. But basically, she was just so she's from the. One of the major. Companies that are still there today and kind of like an interest. Giving your came back, and she went to live with our friend who was Tate. You know. Yeah. Sure t boy. Yeah. And crazy thing ish. Yup. By those she, she was on seeing taking some pills, or something, I think digging exit whatever. But anyway, the bottom line, is that these people came in and she freaked out door BUSTER our or. After they killed everybody else. Now. And they dragged her out into the lawn. This is down in West Hollywood. Sixteenth. And so my friend, this is for an so. Come up, you know, parties get into this. We're Scott Shen but it was pretty Scott. So no. I this lady was crazy. Was the.

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