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Listen. Arizona's morning news. It's Friday coming up. We're taking a look at the impact the thousands of migrants being dropped off in the valley is having on crime here. It's team coverage in it's our top story. Here's Jayme west Nerikova county. Sheriff Paul Penzone is concerned the release of almost nineteen thousand migrants in Arizona since December will lead to more crimes than impact our quality of life. Let's go live to KTAR. Jim cross. Jimmy Penzone telling KTAR's MAC and get us the state not ready to deal with a high numbers of people being dropped off with very few resources. He says, it's not ISIS fault bigger. Picture bigger issue of immigration a path to citizenship needs to be dressed. And the sheriff makes it clear, he's not stereotyping the migrant. I'm just talking about humans in any situation where they have to find a way to survive and earlier this week. Also, a MAC and Gaydos, KTAR Arizona governor Doug Ducey called out the feds for the way they've handled. Migrants being released into the state saying officials need to get their act together live in the news center. Jim cross KTAR news. Arizona's Republican Senator Martha mcsally wants answers to why so many migrants are being left in Arizona in a letter to homeland security director Kirsten Nielsen make soundly says she's concerned that the department of homeland security has released eighteen thousand migrants in Arizona in the past three months. She claims that so called non governmental organizations have received little or no warning before the migrants are released Sally is calling on the d h s to examine its current efforts. And find ways to improve them. She says she stands ready to help in finding a solution. There's no word yet on any response from deal said Bob McClay KTAR news. Six thirty two. Here's detour.

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