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So after I get off with you guys, I'll go do the first part of my weights and then she'll join me for the second half and it's been super fun to like get her in there as well. So I mean, you can pull your kids into things you want to do. I love it as a parent when we find things that we are all actually having fun doing, you know? Sometimes it's like, yeah, you do things for your kids. You're not really enjoying it, but they're having such a good time. You just do it anyways. And that's cool and has its place, but I love the moments where it's like, actually everyone here is really enjoying this and having fun. And those are the best. You know, as a family. Well, speaking of moments, you just mentioned, you know, the girls walking around two grocery store with the plastic bags on their head. It's just like funny things like that. But do you have any standout moments where you're just like bursting your hearts bursting with pride for these girls? Yeah, for sure. And like kind of all on their own different vein like Jasmine, she's super into acting. And I remember watching her act and I'd never seen her practice because I don't go to her practices and she was acting and I was like, wow, she's really good. And she's like singing and stuff. And yeah, so you have that moment of like being super proud. And then obviously you know watching my older girls with the running, seeing how far they've come, how much they've approved, get pretty emotional. Sometimes I watch them run. And then just little moments too, you know, where you just sit there and look at someone and you're just like, I just really appreciate them and love them. And that's enough. You know, they don't have to do anything to earn that too. So yeah. I also, I'm a sports mom, just like you're like a sports dad, Ryan, and I have a kid that's very into acting, and I call him rehearsals as well..

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