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So that our understand that there was the urban were of the day we damn stretch your cranium. Tried to develop a culture. System and then getting good people and sustaining the organization keeping it going. Two of standing people Bill Belichick and Tom Brady. Almost two decades. Pretty proud of that in an era of free agency and salary cap. Very proud of that. That's Bob Kraft, Robert Kraft, Bob to me, the Robert, sir. Whatever owner of the patriots. And he said something interesting there how blessed they are to have those two for almost two decades. I'm gonna tell you who the third most important patriot is I think you'd be surprised we'll talk about that three two three five three eight twenty four twenty three at Chadbensonshow is your Twitter. You can tweet at us. Love hearing from you. Looks like Trump's getting close to saying, hey, I'm gonna have to do this. He might even do it at the state of the union who's the third most important patriot. Lot of stuff coming ahead Chebet show. You like saving money you like knowing someone has your back as you're getting older and starting to be faced with the reality of Medicare and the future of social security my partners at the association of mature American citizens. Otherwise known as aim our focus on protecting the interests of mature American. Meaning anyone over fifty. I'm partnering with amac because they offer an alternative perspective on how to solve problems like social security reform. Protecting our borders with common sense immigration laws.

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