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George Gascon says if elected he will not seek the death penalty he also says all the death row cases from LA county will be reviewed and selected it will be the policy disagreements office the sentence as many of the two hundred twenty nine people currently on death row LA county says the death penalty is costly to taxpayers and creates an unnecessary risk of an exit of executing an innocent person the ACLU says Orange County needs more community based mental health programs not more mental health beds in jail next month the one hundred eighty million dollar construction contract will be handed out to add nearly nine hundred mental health beds to the temporarily close to music jail facility in Irvine jails are not places where people go and get better ACLU advocate daisy Ramirez says deputy shouldn't be in charge of mental health they make that initial determination of whether it's an emergency and whether that person should see a nurse or doctor or whether they just ignore that person's plea for help the sheriff says that state money has to be spent on jail construction in the mental health crisis in jails has to be addressed in Orange County court in Carson Calif I need a lawsuit against a blog in Fullerton has defense lawyers claiming the city fabricated evidence to silence free speech lawyer Kelly of the letter says the blog friends for Fullerton future was accused of stealing records on government misconduct from a city Dropbox accounts they claim that the Dropbox account demonstrated that our clients have access the account when the information on the law that they claim it demonstrated that was actually created by their experts alerts and says it stands by its expert's testimony which as affects allegations that the blog stole confidential documents a judge is expected to make a decision next month and some of the happiest workers in the country can be found locally researchers from the Robert half employment agency have pulled office workers in twenty eight employment hubs in the U. S. asking about their overall happiness at work the study found employees in LA and orange counties had the third highest grade for workplace satisfaction results showed ninety two percent of workers were engaged and a slightly above average number of the locals polled said they were planning to stay at their current job Miami ranked number one on the happiness scale Deborah mark KFI news quickly in a crash on the fifty seven it's in Fullerton fifty seven south Ural interval of art everything is cleared over the right shoulder you're still gonna be a little profit Lambert road but it gets better after that in bellflower ninety one westbound just before Lakewood Boulevard that's a crash it takes away the middle lane so a busy right from the six oh five Anaheim hills ninety one east bound at imperial highway somebody broke down here middle traffic lane is where they are starting to fill up run around lake view corona ninety one westbound before Green River still working a crash in the left lane with heavy stuff from surface club and Boyle heights just here in east downtown at the five there may be a solo car crash in the center divider with a car on its side will check on that for you KFI in this going up to get to their faster I'm robin banks in basketball the Lakers boat race Golden State.

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