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I don't think they're going to play as a regular hitter too often right. It's not Otani. Who else do I see here? I don't see Wade Miley at Mike Minor. Now I know you're not coming around on Wade Miley but he's pitching well. He's winning games on a very good team era in whipper fine the difference and him and Mike Minor obviously some era a lot of strikeouts but Wade Miley can be rostered in E._S._p._N.. League and help you. I believe we've kind of you know and they're all left E.. L. Go this way. I feel good about Mike Minor. I feel not so good about Brett Anderson but he's been pretty good and I feel like Wade. Miley belongs somewhere right in the middle of those too so I'm kind of in but I don't feel great about it. Sunday baseball on E._S._P._N.. Is the dodgers and the Red Sox. How about that one? David price is apparently man from Boston. We don't know yet about the dodgers they have announced. They just did recently and Kershaw and Ria or not pitching during this weekend it's going to be Kenta made a Ross stripling Komo Clayton Kershaw and Walker Buehler who are the two are not pitching this weekend fair enough. Let me see me find your starter here that you either like or don't like no on him. Trevor Williams versus Jose Kintana. I think you can make a case for both in an E._S._p._N.. Standard but canton hasn't pitched consistently Williams was good before the injury either or you like both or either top forty honestly no one Williams because neither neither were. I don't feel like they were leaps and bounds outside. Can Tunnel was closer. I don't trust Williams and in the past couple of outings. I've been unimpressed yeah yeah he's changed with him Monday. There is a day game. Please get your lineups in early if you can change your lineups and it's at cords to ten P._M.. Eastern that seems a little. That's another doubleheader day or another. Oh so these double headers okay there you go all right. That's the first half of the show and now kyle speaks..

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