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How did you? So you're a you're a coffee roaster cheesemaker and Baker Baker. To make bread bread bread. Smith. What made you go to cheese that is because obviously, I'm assuming you got cows eating your spent grain milk, which brings it all back salesman. I'm a hobbyist. I guess I had a wonderful time home brewing, hundreds of people Homebrew in San Diego. And then when I became a commercial brewer, I lost that hobby, and the farmers that took our spent grain would bring me raw milk, and I I don't like to drink milk to research. What to do that? I love cheese and hence another hobby was born twenty years ago. And now. Largely because my wife supports me pushes my dreams into fruition. Now have a creamery about one hundred and fifty feet down the street here Donald Smith court cheese, putting anything he wants because it's Elston cheeses, go to be danced. But it's nice. And that's a case of fresh Latin cheese. You go from grain severe to or grain to work to beer spent grain cheese now, basically. Grains awards a beer to spend the reason I say that. Because he's so there is a dairy. That is a sign that you comes with picks up your Spanish oatmeal. Yeah. One of two days we have left here in San Diego. Frank Coenen dairy, great guy out in the San valley on the way to safari park. The cows eat the spent grain, and he gets milk sells it to the co-op. Eventually I'll be buying that milk can make an cheese because she's Smith, honestly, she's v. Is now a member when he brought cheese out the infants he'd go home and make some cheese. Yeah. Right now. Make note in my commercial creamery approved by the department of agriculture. So this is going to be a thing. Yeah. There's samples right over here off camera for you. Essential oils. Roast coffee. I make mustards I have to ask you this. Zion is with us. He is the CEO of salesman..

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