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The boys be you know woke up a bureau living with his family and suddenly a settlement when what did to check out on the computer at this could be the kimia i of unita yeah i just sat him to get your computer check this out and i've no medical beck wife no idea and he was checking like lidl's pulse the backs and whatever legs and of course he didn't find anything because this is a fairy thank god is a very rare form of leukemia and especially for newborns but that was the situation so when did you realize it was the kimia how to data that him about yeah so forth in holland when something doesn't solve itself after two weeks your tall to go to the hospital so we went for a biopsy and then we got the result of the by abc's and that was when we were told that she was very very sick and what you just said that we had to prepare for the worst that she didn't have much chance of survival his leukemia has high survival rate went three two well but this form she had to my other we kimia my inuit leukemia because it's in your blood it's just the most dangerous form and your reaction your doctor noticed your reaction because it was different than the reactions had seen before how well in the in the original 21st herded i felt i didn't wanna hear it i felt like who are you having this opinion on my child i mean i carrots were for nine mall i know best the but my child who are you telling me this i just couldn't handle that was just too too much to in face of and i just wanna go out site with my husband and pretend that nothing was the matter i i i just walked out of that room with his can away i just need it the privacy of my intimate life did you and your husband react the same way well my husband is a scientist and he he's more he wants to know defects and he kiss last oldest questions but the at the same feeling of let's go out of deir an venkov or in the.

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