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Listening to the business. Happy hour with Frank Oto. Ryan Pilkington and Doug Ford. Now back to the show guys. Welcome back to the business. Happy hour we've been talking with John g west he is the writer director of human zoos if you guys have not looked it up. Check it out Google. You can watch it online. I'm share Ryan's already. Picked it up twice. Ryan. Where did you watch the document is watching for free? If you're an Amazon prime customers, even better Amazon prime full streaming HD, but John's very very interesting gas. We were talking before the break about evolution. And he was enlightening me and breaking down how how some of this actually worked John? We've got a couple of minutes left with you. I want people to definitely watch the documentary at the I think it opens your eyes to a lot of things. And and we do appreciate the way. Differentiate between the outright. And you know, the Trumpers and all that. And we understand that. It's a it. It may be a small group of people. But what what else do we want our listeners to take away from this? You know, this is a dark chapter in American history with the thing that happened to ODA Banja, which is which is interesting to see how we put them on display, Doug. And I were talking about we saw that movie the greatest show in which talks about Pt Barnum, and I understand he had a role in some of this at one point. But if the movie's accurate, he changed his mind, and it became a celebration of humanity. Airbus Pt Barnum is a great guy in American history culture. But that film does airbrush it really wasn't quite empowering people in the one. Actually, he had a human. He had someone an African American who he dressed up as part that he put he called up to what is it? It was probably his most famous exhibit, and that was left out of that film. And you did this right after Darwin published on the origin of species to capitalize on this. And so he did it for decades. And this. That was locked out of the greatest show in the film. So people can hear the the other exhibit in greatest showman. They can learn about interesting. Okay. Doug, and I are asking right. He hadn't seen it. We had seen and we're like a wonder if it was paying a differently. Sure. Movie fashions. Yeah. They're always it's always there's always an angle. It was it was definitely good. So so John, what are we wanna leave the listeners with year about the human zoo? Yeah. I think the fundamental thing even dealing with the scientific racism. It's today without getting lots of issues, but whether it be climate change, or or whatever else, we have lots of people who are always saying experts say this, and if certain experts say this, no one can question them or discuss it or they're down. And I think the human zoos tail is a cautionary tale expert knowledge is needed, but experts can be wrong. Right. And we really should value people raising questions, even when it comes to expert knowledge and not just being shut up. Because like I said what you Janik, for example, the Catholic church. One of you mentioned they were the biggest opponents of eugenics and forced sterilization, America. And they would be rated at the time by scientists for being anti science because they were anti force through vision. Well, I think we all would have been better off if they had been allowed to articulate their views a little more than I think today when anyone says. You have to shut up because well, you don't have the background I house even after question. I think in my own mind. This is for me personally. I think that is not very good for free. No, we agree. That's a good point too far too much now, and I hate to generalize. But it's the left is more of a shot everybody up, and if you're not with us, you're not right. And it's sad that we we see this on college campuses. We see this in everyday society that there's there's no discourse anymore. And I couldn't agree with you more experts are needed. But experts are not always correct. So I think that's a great takeaway for everybody does have to have an open mind and be willing to challenge. The thought, you know, if you're not willing to if you're not willing to dig deep, then I'm sorry. But you're you're you're lacking. I don't just go along with what people tell you exactly to do your own research. Right. Right. So John, I appreciate having you on man. You've been a great guest. And I'm going to have to watch the documentary myself Ryan's are stat guy. So he brought me up to speed as best. He could. Thank you. Yeah. We'll check it out. Sounds fun. Yeah. Yeah. Be like fun guest to and you fit right into the molten. And we appreciate your opinions and coming on, and we ever have another opportunity will definitely invite you on to talk about some of this with us. Thanks, john. So everybody that was John g west director of human zoos, check out that documentary and feel free to chime in on our Facebook page about it as a heated debate going to watch this night. I would I would I would definitely watch it. I'm gonna watch it. I think that's what's interesting about the alt-right in in that a lot of the views a lot of the people that they actually talk about in the alt-right are really not Republican at all they're they're more socialists than anybody else. And so it's it's strange how it's gotten to this point. It's like a they're confused about what these people really are. No, I think all right. I think is really more fascist and socialist, then Republican. I mean, they're not Republicans should be no correlation there shouldn't be left friend duck. What do you think? Doug was.

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