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Yeah it was fine. We'd love jim moret. Jim murray was choice. One or one for this job The first choice but he got he got roped in yesterday. Tutor this whole thing. I saw people falling for the heck. Is this somebody. Somebody basically put together a fake. Espn story on the thing in. Jim seized story. They start talking about. He's like able to you. Have linked to this story in. Somebody was sending all around Is that danny aines left You know be retired district. Whatever celtic celtics general manager president for aimed league sources told the espn last game. Sunday night after brooklyn nets guard. Kyrie irving disrespected the celtics logo. Okay right now. Mike all right. I could see that. He's an older guy gardner and kendrick perkins all. These people are insulted. Kyrie irving we extend on the logo or jumped on the whatever i mean i i used to love angels incense by the incident entering the celtics locker room and the attempt to gather players head to the nez locker room to confront the bastard i. I'm now skeptical. Okay that's son of a bitch. When bossa players largely responded with non a-plus shrugs a league source at age wonder reach players in this generation. I can almost by that right there. Data part for sure. I mean the whole thing. This is what you have to understand. Lucky is like a sunday. Daniela's course a source close to told me. Spn during his playing days daniel kissed lucky young ellipse for good luck so are stopped ltd to catch up mccaw. I mean i love jim. I think just party wants to believe that working with jerry free. We got a phone wrote this. Get berry macaca on right now. Yeah that was when i liked about. Murray's tweet is he wasn't like is really is like i can't find this for the larry. Where's the link. Go you fix about delete that tweet either. Have the link I appreciate that because when you're in the middle of a crazy strike that and it's happening like you. Do you want so badly for that to be true right. But you have to say you know danny ainge is i play out get like it's a good step because an older player i trust me and my love of eighty celtics. I take back to. But i watch games. I never saw unions get his knees and kissed the leprechaun literally for the game. Yeah but it's just unbelievable now that's ridiculous intercourse on the lips before beginning and the is what mormons are different logo. I guess lucky is like a sunday dan. I don't think that's believable. I'm trying to trying to give him a chance here. I wanna know if like fell on because the thing fell gross. He's sneaky old old. He's like ninety almost like a fifty year old way. You could totally make him believe that. Story's true like jim marks gone all in. That would have been great failure like this is unbelievable. I will say i'm old. I'm i'm getting old like i actually. Surprisingly i didn't care what the series of all i was surprisingly. Fuck terrier for doing that. For some reason i mean obviously i was more like fuck the players who are like fucking making out with them after the game. Hit your ass fucking losers sunday's softest softest dog shit team off from my life as a kid i actually got my old sports nerve worked up a little bit. I realize i don't even know if i was a basketball fan as much as it was like a paul pierce family. I loved paul pierce when i was a kid so since then i've kind of lost interest but i was like when kyrie left the celtics. I was like fuck this guy. Like he does have a way of just antagonizing. He's good at that. I wonder why you feel that way. I said i was appropriate. He's such a fib. Poor actually gonna rant on mueller credit surprised. They didn't go not not saying they should at word that he used he said you know that's cock sucker just based on the durant because they went after durand for the same thing. That's true so i was like. Oh boy i hope they don't but that just means your asshole. I have cool. Of course i'm not saying. I have portland's rant right but doesn't mean you know whatever i know. Everyone knows when. I'm glad they didn't. I'm just saying you know people gravitate. Because he's an asshole has nothing to do with the color of skin. He's a fucking asshole. There are assholes in the world are white. People are assholes or by he happens to be. Somebody's not why who's an asshole. Think he tries to be an earth flight player fucking dick. Would you make another sound. That's her name right. I don't have sound of her. But i've sound of the colic bertrand. Yes okay okay. Let me here. Let's see if we can talk to you a couple of calls here before we get to that press conference which hold on hold on hold on hold on. I can do this all day. I like martin everyone today. I like mark bertran. But i'm sure. I did this but i love this like trying to kill time. You could tell their way. They're waiting for a press conference or something we says. Let's see if we could talk to you. Fuck me squeeze you like an experiment. We're pretty sure you could talk to them is that there is some sort of telephonic devices. Made that possible. Is there anything that would make you. Turn the radio off faster other than maybe an interview with an athlete. A press conference. No all i would say like big ones a different like you just found out damian. Resigning in the press conference was going live like it happened fast k. Damages quitting the press conference in minutes. I listen to that even that unless there's like controversy that he's answering for you know what is waiting for the questions like you don't know what's going to happen. He's gonna say loves the celtics he loves it. He's quitting brad stevens taking over the question's gonna suck anyway but if it's just like like yeah orally chicken and right exactly chicken and beer that sort of like you know when they brought franconia that kind of thing when when it's when you can tell this was not. It doesn't seem like this was a contentious finished ain't has been here for eighteen years. Yeah it was weird. It's all to do it right after. But like he's his own man. We'll get yourself associate kentucky in the mid about that. Let me hear these guys momentarily. Stephen is a north carolina. Hi stephen they are gone at boston. Calling dot com. What are we doing caller ten right now contest..

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