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On november um that a little inland november eight no wait a minute i gotta check mike allen i'm getting too old for british remember indeed since november eight that said two thousand and seventeen go to the wisconsin union theater and look at tickets if they're still available good luck without one it's a very popular venue the wisconsin non union that is and our friends at the madison rough isis or city uh we'll have a couple of events i'll tell you about him in a minute but the um one of the stories that we did not cover at all last weekend where we should have is that the thousands of israelis take to the streets calling for palestinian genocide the report came and we posted it back in early october that uh the the explained or described massive rallies and facebook campaigns calling for palestinian genocide uh there are often ignored by the western mainstream media and facebook despite concerns and collaborations amid at stop it aimed at stopping calls for violence on this this comes at the un uh just before an assassination recall it incessant asian because it's a a um according to this report is really forces executed another teen girl at a check out checkpoint in hebron on october 25th her name was danya as she'd she was seventeen and a student loan at a young girls high school a witness said the seen standing in the back of the urge or sheaths in line at the checkpoint adjacent to the brahimi mosque said that the teen raised her arms and stated i don't have a knife before she was shot with eight to ten bullets before she fell to the ground police spokesperson mickey roosevelt tweeted that that or she was a female arab terrorist who attempted to stab a police officer with the knife the police responded and neutralized her here in the.

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