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In production would I kill my own baby to save a village and I go back in time and killed in what I take the promotion at work with strings attached. I eat muffins for the rest of my life. If it meant I didn't have to. Would I have Satan's child. Hi everyone and welcome to the big ones each week. We discussed new ethical questions ranging from historical decisions to relationship problems to brain. Busting moral choices. That questions can be complicated discuss. But they're always fun to talk about because as they force you to look deep deep deep with inside yourself. Will you like what you see Ban Aker yes I do I do to impress you. Guys Know Ben because He created the podcast. Well that's what he was saying. He's narrative fiction podcast. Yeah Yeah woman not alone not alone. You had a friend. We had friends. You can't change the world alone. I mean an army of people behind you. That's so true Maria. Thank you per se but they but you guys know Ben Acker as one of the creators of thrilling adventure hour. He's a friend of this pod. He's a friend of ours he is and he's a mentor. What yes you are friend and mentor or both the band because the band blocker he's been on the pod You guys are podcast slash. Writing mentors loses news breaking news alert alert extra alert alert alert. What do you say That's amazing thank you guys have been doing for. We've been doing. Yeah well no because you guys like get stuff done you know you. Just you and Ben have the best work ethic thing. I've ever seen the hardest working people who don't have jobs. Okay so Amanda and I are like the M- the most like kind of working people pull that don't have jobs. Maybe we we work a lot but a some of it never gets finished. Winston wants to. That's because no one's asking for it. I mean you can't you can't you know dot your I's cross your T.'s. When no one's asking for the for the papers Um can't you just meant to you a little bit okay. Totally this is Marie is loser. Story is rearing she has got. I know my therapist said it. Sounds like your friend. Maria has got a loser story. I thought when you have said it to me you said you and your friend Maria but now I know he was talking about me. Well it's changed in my head over time I've taken myself out of the equation Persona saying oh I see the her public persona Ben. Now how do you make money in Hollywood. Well it seems to me you go by Chris be me your raw handsome Kind of funny to you. Go by Chris Chris. Chris is out there for the observational locality. There's another part of your stand up routine Chris. Chunk your sit down five on cruises. One of my most popular tweets leads on twitter. Dot Com is about how James Marston is an outlier for being the only Chris to be named James That's good that's really good. Got How many more and how did you get paid for that. Tweet six-team bitcoin. How do you make make a living at being a Hollywood writer and podcast are given some gift Maria some? Maybe she'll listen to she he doesn't need. It was a Gotcha podcasts. Gotcha girl. That's our slogan we got you girl. Oh gotcha girl yeah. So that's when you do something thank to help someone out and you don't make them feel bad about it and you go. I got you girl Nice. I kill switch over to audible. and You make an audible original occult cotton run. That came out today. I don't know in the coming out Tuesday and this is why they look. This isn't live. We're not live streaming this party now. Lung how seamless that was and that's why they're paying you the big bucks because we've just tripped right into that plug into a plug. So let's talk about this. So it's it's an audible fiction series it's an audible original. It comes all at once a series that you will hear part of and then wait. Wait here another partner. You just got slapped in the face. Sheila meal series. I think the thing is that she. She didn't always search. We are not yet seriously. You can't binge it for you can't i. I can't play both sides. You're both right so it's a movie what what is do you have youtube floors Youtube Google audible and then over to the audible website. And then listen to it correct with you when we start recording. Where record we're recording? We've been recording for the last three hour days. So you've always ben give us line the log line is about. I'm not going to be a Hollywood funny. I'm just wrapping. Tell you what it's about about two best friends who happen to be kidney thieves and how ocupation plays a holy hell on their social lives their relationships amazing. And so we had you Eugene Cordeiro on the big winds. Wasn't he a wonderful guy. He was so great. He's in the series May Ryan's in it. Yes you gene and Meg Ryan did you meet. May I did not meet her. She was in the Cape but she recorded remotely and I was on the phone. Time on the SKYPE session. was she in the bathtub when she was recording. Because that's how I imagine it probably shoes right. Oh can I tell you. Like she like the very first thing when she was like a to be a narrator or and we know we want you to be Meg Ryan. Ah like in fact. Let's change the line from Albania to I will be Meg Ryan your narrator. And she said Okay so my writing partner and I then blacker Ben acker those names not an order order. A lot of people think that they're ridiculous names because of how they are similar Meg Ryan said the best. Anyone has ever set them. She said them like Ben acker little after voice acting like Oh this is ridiculous but she enjoyed it was so everything was great great. She's still got. It does the Cape for God's sakes it does she live in the Cape She was just there at the time on vacation. And so you send someone to her to record her or did she pop into some from local mom and pop recordings and can you imagine just her coming in with our law say sitting down maybe getting a crab in special for lunch. What's crowd especially like Crab Salad? Yeah like seafood. Louis Yeah Yeah Yeah. That's org that's more west coast that it would be when this is something. Actually you're writing partner Fed me when I went to Cape Cod. No isn't a level. They did take me get lobster rolls but That was in the crab crab no it was like some sort of like stuffing with crowds shell. That's what the chefs making in the Little Mermaid where he stuffs those crabs. Yes what the heck was type song so Aben cut and run if out today on audible dot com. Check it out and you can get it for free if you have an audible subscription for. Hello you've been over the all star. Cast we have Sam Richardson and Darcy Carton. Rachel Bloom and Thomas Lennon Liar. Liar sick sick. A Alec Guinness isn't it. Oh my God and those were live but I I know because I was I was like maybe who am I to say at this point. The first five people you said are actually in an meg. Ryan's is literally in it now. bigly junior I want to know though does your therapists say I was a loser. Are we both loser no the therapists said the US. I sounds like you and your friend. Maria have a loser story but did he really said it. Sounds like you're hanging out with some loser named Maya he said this is some clinical term. He's coined it's when and you have. You're not a loser but you have a loser story that you how you present yourself a loser story or she's telling the world the world's world's loser store even though she's not a loser because we had very successful careers okay but who wants to know anyone who presents themselves as a winner. That's Ah I mean I think a lot of people think that's attractive. What do you think do you think it's I think especially for women? It's not necessarily helpful to have a loser. Story should monetize podcasting maybe flip it like we need this podcast. Networks worth a couple million dollars at at this point holding out. We're holding out. We've had offers court. We've had a couple offers from some time. A bunch of people who are like do you think you and now they're going to let it go there's a line of Silicon Valley Zuckerberg's out there in a stay hidden invented areas. And they didn't we are sitting on a gold mine with your Ios but anyway cut him run time. Check it out check it out now. Let's get to chicken out. That's that's that's how you get to listen to you. What are you scared? Oh dairy insperity chicken. Here's somebody listen to the audible series cut Enron then rate it on itunes. It can you do that. Is there like a little. I mean we're happy to do some cross Promo for you guys. If you WANNA send us a trailer though it would be a good idea. And then maybe Meg Ryan could plug plug us. Yeah you scratch our vet. So do you have a little bit when you want to talk about. Today I brought to and and I thought I would see which one I'll give you a vague Indication of the direction of each of them. And you can vote and there's no way the swollen okay. One is good if you are a crime. Kingpin and one applies more. If you're in a committed relationship Shen committed related relationship. Is it cheating. Yes if you have sex with a robot. This isn't little Ben. This is like a huge notes. A little robot. Oh you should hear the other ones. That was really ethically complex is it. She what okay. What level of robots a perfect like? They look no one can evaluate anything. Y- Yes yes I really do. It's a real you can turn it often throat matter. I think it's cheating to have sex with anything other than yourself. Masturbation isn't cheating but having having sex no mass rations. Great totally supportive if you're looking in the mirror because then you're gutter on you but like having Having sex with other stuff is cheating.

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