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You i say hi i apologise made the right choice so so let's let's start with a a little background on you are bosnich because one of the things that fascinates me about your story is that you uh unlike so many of of us review grew up jewish i did a group of up pretty religious jew in fact my father was siddig on which exit you people will recognizes the weird beardie jews that are always wearing black arm my father was known as laid haass said to me that he didn't wear the beard needed and where the uh the black and he didn't wear the fancy hats while at others called undercover undercover husted accent me under undercover to sneak sneaky it yeah exactly stealth pass it yeah um um flying over iran just every noah so often but his a my motic scholar so i grew up in a fairly religious jewish household on i like to say that my father was jewish and my mother was bluish uh because i grew up it's sort of half crystals and home the opposite they and a half new judaeism while deuteronomy so it's it's a nice mix that sounds so wonderful that's yeah you got you got all the things there you got the chocolate in the peanut butter i don't think at that point or you allowed to eat anything no prima it's just like it's rebuke free range koogle thought here the motsa balls howard results salt the tears of native peoples it's a whole thing and in you got blood goes made of kale at that point.

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