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From saint louis. Oh two brother. I've heard in america. So i've heard i will say try to see. Is it really. Yeah god i've never heard saint louis. Be like the fucking hotbed of food. They've got some in know. What else do they have their ribs. Now the saint louis style road toasted ravioli toasted ravioli. Ab i've heard i've heard a gooey cake. We butter cake who we butter cake. Which i've actually made obviously not as good. But so i'm ryan fucking amazing. I would say the pizza's probably the more acquired the three but like who doesn't like deep fried ravioli and basically. What's like a brownie but like butter and yogurt pretty fucked with chocolate cream cheese and butter and sugar and like what are they called on. You top gooey. Butter butter butter cac please. It's in the name. -gratulations saint louis. We butter kick. And then i think they also have like a chilly on spaghetti situation cincinnati. So sorry about. Yeah so that i can shoot that one down. I'm not a skyline chili guy at all in saint louis. Daphne does chili mac which is top of spaghetti. They way for him. It's mac and cheese so the name kind of confuses me didn't know if it was of the region shitting through a screen door sir. You were there actually made me think we did a movie and we were one of the stops with saint louis in this movie and the director on that every city we went to he had to try other fucking disgusting food and he got. We went to that diner remember and he got the chili on the spaghetti. There and i go. It looks like a plate of diarrhea. He and he's got the worst shit director filming just and you're like pro. We need to get through the day. And i go home and we've got a long fucking day. I can't have you shitting every fucking our because we. We've should movie remember on the way to josh. Which we almost the whole thing. We were about to shoot a sunset scene at joshua tree rights. You get one shot at night. Where was he in the fucking bathroom for forty five minutes dude. Barely got the shot right barely. It was a one take wonder at the end because we shitting on the side of the highway up to josh. Oh we had to have the the thing at the fucking thing and it's just like dude reading food at a gas station bro. He's one of those guys. He goes to a restaurant and he'll ask. The is it of the region to whatever just fucking where need to go. Go drive through and fucking subway. Just get what of and somebody at one of the crew members asked me like we short on money like is that we should on the budget and i go no. We just can't handle sitting down asking the waitress if it's up the region. I'll give you the money that we would have spent on the restaurant. I can't have this guy shitting anymore. dead serious. We did. We took him out for a really nice meal in new york city. Remember when we get to new york. I'm going to take you guys out to the best fucking dinner of your lives. I apologize. I was like i just can't have this direct shitting anymore. And so we went. And that steakhouse so fucking good salts or a or b btk killer serial killer guy says yeah scrappy. T k took everybody out there. And i apologize for the crew and the director was. Where did you guys go tonight. And i was like nowhere. Chill just got a dog. Yeah times square. No big deal. The crew wanted did have the real new york experience. And get a pretzel on a dog. So that's all we did smell and his close whenever somebody's shifts that much and love you smell it in their closing damn man. I can't do this. i can't fuck do it. Beautiful way to end the show. Yeah yes love ending it on on super down notes like that but you can make up note by going to. I'd soon rate in the show of five star and leaving a quick review the only thing that the advertisers care about who else who cares about them. Advertisers apple basically apple to get. You can't even find the charts anyways but whatever meme and then make sure to check out the trough giveaway. Just tell everybody again with the trump giveaways so anyways you are going to trust by something like one of the sauces. You don't have to buy the variety pack. Whatever used the code or pr pr and personnel. And then tag. Ross patterson revolution instagram of something of you using the saw cooking with it. What you liked to a video whatever you want to be like. I love trough. This is how i use it and we truff actually personally is going to send you the variety. Pack this someone was like. I need to get a variety pack. No no right. Get something look i would suggest getting the hot sauce the best i love it and then let trump send you the variety pack as well as as well as two hundred and fifty dollar gift card to mountain primal meat company According to all of us and more importantly. Dan holloway the meet queen. It is the best meat that you can get for the best price delivered right to your house. So bison elk. Joe rogan fans smelt. Right now i will say someone was triggering but someone on the screen was like widow. Have to buy to get tough. Yes but then you're also going to get two hundred and fifty dollars worth of mount primal meet meet as well as the variety practice so by a little trough you get up on show trough and some meat basically just tag. Ross patterson revolution will be picking. I think august third we will announce who won we will And will announce it on social on the show and Our social media girl will get all of your information to send you that stuff correct and it's well worth its And then also. Because that's august third. I think august second. We find out if we're going to the field of dreams game in iowa scofield so like gregg hersholt field. We'll find out. There's like a Like a raffle ford. I guess i don't know i'd ally and say that i lived in iowa. Motherfucker regulars takes them going iowa. We're not going to not go- some. I'm going and then An attack hoven thing or just do that. were they. Make you be of the region no so this is a one time special events romi doing this once known. What i'm saying is okay. Because i asked is. It doesn't seem like bill scofield. I was like hey dude. What's the fucking story with that. And he goes. It's the airport. So i guess you fly in des moines. It's like a three hour drive or you can find in and it's like a four hour drive just to get to the stadium wherever that is in the middle of iowa never been. There did still can't confirm that it exists. So i don't know but i know bill scofield and i trust him right so craig. Well craig doesn't live there.

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