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Been reported officer staying and the encounter the stop the enforcement. Stop potentially never would've occurred. My point is why are we providing sanctuary for criminals gang members? It's a conversation. We need to have that Stanislas county sheriff Adam christianson blasting California's sanctuary laws that limit law enforcement cooperation with federal immigration. Authorities. Gustavo Perez was arrested for killing officer run. You'll sing an illegal immigrant gang member. With a criminal record officers. Sing was shot and killed Wednesday during a suspected drunk driving. Stop in the town of Newman firearms related deaths and traffic related deaths. Both took the majority of police officers lives in two thousand eighteen Craig Floyd with the national law enforcement officers memorial fund says recruitment is tough. For law enforcement is challenge right now we are seeing addict in the number of applicants for law enforcement jobs, and that's sad. Because law enforcement is such a rewarding profession you're out there helping people in need each and every day you're making a difference. Lord of Texas and California each loss at least eleven officers in the line of duty this past year. Investigators looking into the discovery of a man's body inside a burning boat yesterday morning say they don't suspect foul play. He was found when the fire department responded to a call about a large boat on fire in front of a house on fifty sixth street. The homeowners had been out of town for days leading investigators to believe the man was homeless. The cause of the fire is still undetermined taking a look at Austin's on time traffic..

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