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I mean i i was so happy when i heard this but can we like the way he lie handled this lake it was amazing like if i had a team i would want him to be the leader of my team even if he's not playing well which he is a playing well but it is and have a lot of weapons is yours difficult yeah and like the way he handled it was just it was masterful those masterful and you know that shows the character of you i manning and you know all the manning's eurowide you know who that also describes who tim tibo that anini deserves to be starting quarterback really he could do better than what we have here by a lot boy probably could yeah i could and i would say and i don't think that chievo's bear than eli nor do i believe that you i shouldn't be able to star i'm just saying everyone that got up in arms abound game benched i think was being silly because i don't think it'll cannot at ally what the giants dole either lie manning is to pay him his car no they owe him respect because he's done a lot and if you're just paying if you're just playing for money you're not playing for the right reasons because he could be dugout plenty of money i eight eight they don't always did stupid thing was they went to gino instead of going to the right web is how how their leaders lab then then everything would have been fi because the way is that a lot an nfl quarterback you may as well be oh now that i gallinot that alarmed lofts wanted him i had i well yeah it worked out better buffalo freely that is paratroop two eight six zero zero four six a lot of tax.

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