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Gone, and I'm definitely gonna rebuild it in two thousand nineteen you absolutely right. Whole lot of funny stuff going on in Seattle. Oh my God. Lot of stuff you need to be addressed. Because they pay a lot of hustling up here. Don't you know, the city? This was like like three three billion dollars budget. That's more than a lot of space this this this this county. So it's a lot of hush money floating around here. And the question was what are they doing in our parts of Seattle would that three billion dollars doing random out of the CD when a historic what black people being in justified that came go back to the neighbors? They live. They go down African American school goes down to camp building. With a wreck houses found do chopped up found in the sixties. It's bad enough that they kick the black sadder. Would it? Call Chinatown lasted district back in the day. We were HR Jones youth A O J took all those store. Bill Ella Fitzgerald album used to be down here. Story motel. Historic landmarks. They took it from the back and gave to the Asian call the Chinatown so back in the fifties and stuff so in another took the CD in the south. They kicked us all to the county. They got the money here. You got three out of five richest men in the world of in. This county are nowadays that they. Trying to come east Google and Amazon just opened in New York. And we're about to put their feet to the fire on what are they doing? In terms of. Brags? And not hiring. And they're not doing contracts and would they had none of our businesses. They're dealing with you you right on point. I agree with you, Brian totally. Thank you for your call, Tiffany. Where are we with the first step Bill? What's the latest on that? That's the for those that don't know the criminal Justice reform Bill, right? There is a bipartisan effort that was Hata clear path that was supposed to have corn on both sides of the aisle, and it's a quagmire now because two very conservative Republican Senator Tom cotton, Arkansas, John Kennedy from Louisiana have introduced amendment that could threaten to derail the entire thing. It passed the procedural hurdle on Monday. But now with these amendments people who have supported it may not and what the amendments include is basically allows more people to to be tracked. Once they once once a people could conduct arrested and their release it allows them to be more of them to be tracked. So basically they serve their time. They're out of prison, but people can still trapped them it would also bar some of the people with. Conviction from participating in earn time credit, which basically requires the bureau of prison notify victims went up prisoners, we so again like you served your time, but you're still comparable to parole, but more intense, these are some of the things that people try to work through. And so now if he's very extremely conservative center monkey wrench in it. This is something that was a federated by path. And now it may be delayed until next year. Let's take a break. We'll be right back Tiffany cross out shopping keeping it real be right back. Sharpton is on news talk thirteen eighty w what if every time you went out you could cash.

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