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We only we only have one clue left. I don't necessarily wanna use it on East Carolina because no. As being honest. I don't like care who is. I can remember that this guy tried to quit his job having it NPR member. Who it was? I'm not gonna like clues for when I pull a thread. Maybe get a whole better out of now. This is not out out. Punt on this one. I'm fine project writing Mike Houston of. Not a God, Jamie. Wit sack name. Houston, Mike, Houston. Mike love rapper. Next up. Western kentucky. Oh boy. I'll take a clue I don't know. How many do we have left? Paul, katrina. Did they did they hire the dude out of Austin pay who who the young dude who turn them around? You know, what if you think of that guy's name fire away? I got another blank here by the guest. Well, do you want thirty five at the St. want to use the clue or not absolutely? No, no. I don't have like I don't have anything to basically on. No. So that dude's let me ask the question. Does it do we lose points, if we guess and we're wrong only points if you if you guess wrong during gambles on? Okay. I think that dude's I know that dude's name was will I wanna say his name will Healy, I don't know if he took the western job, but the w job, but I'll throw it out there. Western Kentucky's new head coach is named Tyson Hilton. All right, formerly that guy. Say Holly might know this name. Sorry, right. It's cool. Congratulations. How much information I've been ingesting voluntarily via Tennessee, that's the right amount. Let's move to a more familiar program that we're all deeply deeply knowledgeable of UMass Mark Whipple out did not know that. They decided not to have a kid coach. Is that? Right. I am. I mean, I mean, I'm waiting for one where I have even a ghost of a trace of chance of a clue that's still I in the I I don't I don't I don't know this Walt bell. Yeah. That who I leave once wore a ninja turtle sweater during a ballgame. Oh that sounds right. Yeah. That was him. I remember that their eighties a real piece of shit too. There. Sure. That's a great. Hi, there goes are you man? All the action this guy from Georgia Tech. No, I don't oh, man. He's a shit bird way. Which guy Ryan Bamford? You heard folks Ryan Benford fight me. Right. Look called us out. Wow. Mass foot both donations plummet. That's a lot of to put out there. All right. Next up is Charlotte. Fucking did Jesus. You know what? Like, I will. Go ahead. How many clues do we have left one? We only one you wanna use on Charlotte. What was going to say how many schools to you have to you have to go and then an entire other gambles on she'll? Let's back up here in the gambles on of this of the school seat has not like we have not talked about level, right? We've not talked about Miami. Those are schools. I know turned over. I think you hit all the Pac twelve schools, right? Yeah. I'm just going to save this for the bonus. So whatever Charlotte no clue Amena give you Louisville because I just found the one I forgot. Gain the point. Okay. Good game. Good. I know who hired two, but that's fine. I'll throw a if if the only coach Rick steves. Yeah. Rick steves. Yup. Matt canada. I don't actually know where he ended up. I'll give you give you a free clue for Charlotte. Okay. You've already said his name today. Wait. Is it rough? I'm gonna I'm gonna say we'll Healy then that alien. Ryan from. Mike out bang. All right here comes. You're not gonna get this one Akron. No, no, no, no point. Former I believe John's Hopkins head coach, let me check that real John Carroll. Excuse me. Tom arth arth arth spell that. Please a or TH are other. That's what I thought it Harnack of former quarterback of the Scottish Claymores Hamburg's devils, Toronto Argonauts, Grand Rapids rampage. Andy, your Georgia force get ready to get..

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