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Hurd thing i'm gonna tell you the fight the doubt and discouragement let me tell you something john was the anointed he was warden he knew that but he started proclaimed the gospel he started proclaming the news and or had taken his brother's wife and john what what he did these that was thin a big rob ended up being a region it was the mighty man elizabeth neil dawn's father new dawn new who knew what he said about himself that i am not even worthy to take the sandoz off and john even heard in the baptism let me tell you that he heard the from having though have an open door drop came down and say this is my son whom i'm glad and john was the weakness of this this is a guy who saw signs wonder dan miracle or win in london lloyd's those if luck allies i in the mountain running away from life i'm gonna tell you when we take the crowd unlike this morning when the past the gave a list of this family eu wife down the rule of thumb holes in it this is the year we will fight you will wide with your your doubt you will fight with your discouragement because guard have called you you know that because god has ordering you you know that got as unknowing data and you were hide with your doubt dan discouragement there's no other way there's no other way except saying in jesus name i regroup you'll devil.

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