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And after a slow year for airports, Denver is stepping up with a big investment. India Yes, they are April. It's for maintenance and construction contracts. The City Council approving 11 contracts representing $112 million in spending at the airport Councilwoman Amanda Sawyer, the only member to vote against the contract, she said. Contracts were too vague, calling on Lee for the companies to be on call for general construction rather than specific projects or services. If you're the parent of a college student who wound up learning remotely because of the pandemic might want to check your 5 29 account. Alice Stockton, Racine. He has today's tax tip. During the pandemic out of an abundance of caution. A number of colleges did not allow students to come on campus. As a result, room and board was refunded what you did with that money and where it came from matters. Rachel Cohn, SEPA and managing partner of a cone close up and company says If it came out of a 5 29 account, you have to return it. When you got the reforms you have 60 days to put that money back in the 5 29 point because you didn't spend it on room and bored. I'm Alice stacked in Rossini. President Biden signing an extension of the P P p. That's the Federal paycheck protection program and thanking lawmakers on I want to thank senators Carton. Sheen. Rubio and College for their work in the Senate bipartisan effort P. P p alone program for small businesses during the pandemic, the president calling small business the backbone of the U. S economy, and it's a revision of the new Coke that came out in the eighties for a bit. Volkswagen shifting gears after reports of a name change surfaced this week. News broke earlier this week that German carmaker Volkswagen would be changing its name to volts wagon with a T as the company shifted its focus to making electric cars. Turns out. It was just an April Fool's Day joke that leaked a few days too soon. The company that has its domestic headquarters in Virginia says the name change was just a prank to get some publicity for their new All electric SUV. I'm Rory O'Neill. In our next update Rents in Denver on the move, and it won't be a popular move for renters will have that at 7 42 with money news. I'm David Cale K away news radio. Remember when United did that with Ted there rebranding campaign? You remember it better than I do. I Googled it was 2003 when they came out with that. On Then it turned out. It was just a big marketing campaign. They weren't gonna rename their you know, low cost division, Ted, we were talking in the last week. I think if Coke did that on purpose, so brilliant, more. Yeah, that is just that. It's just made a ton of money. Didn't I? Cynical, but man, it works. Any ink is good in cake. It was so bad that new Coke I think they were trying to rival Pepsi, which is a lot sweeter if they said 7 14 and Colorado's Morning News sports time Now with.

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