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Here, but Wayne start here sixty five. Right. I know cheat them, and he was. I work with him when she. The. My backer. He invented the the pinochle outta here at the Caribbean. Yet. I bet he was a superstar superstar. We loved him anyway. He's no longer here, but his drink remains I would love for you to make me pinochle. Can you make us all opinion? Oh. There's nothing like getting a buzz in the morning, they received them cheat. The police do. All right. He's going to blend that up. So, you know, what's in a peanut Collado, right? There's what's in the pinochle? Lonzo cook Likud aim cream by us. Apple juice fun. Hot cheat. The the. When when she looked in bent that. Hey put at a hot fun have also hits. Battle. There's a little. Put six hours of how fun. Oh my gosh. So if you're if you're intolerant, this is not. He made it three pots or Pocono Cudi. Saudi do partial quitting and three of buying up. Oh my gosh. Healthy, lots of a health, Drake. Well anyways, thank you so much. Let's get that Roland. We gotta talk to the gentlemen. Thank you so much for your warm welcome here. This is such a beautiful place in as I was telling telling earlier behind his back, everyone who works here at the Caridi..

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