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They can be food additives and there's two major types sodium nitrite which is has an e number e two fifty on potassium nitrite which is e two four nine and they're typically added to cured meats to inhibit the growth of bacteria and they kind of odd color and a degree of flavoring to it as well you can have certain preform. Immense of preforms nitrites in vegetables in foods. But it's not. The present in quite small amounts so nitrite intake from the dyas can be taken primarily through as food additives particularly in process meats. And then it can also be nitrites in the body that are that are endogenously synthesized from nitrous intake would be the kind of the the the the the major source of nitrite star synthesized in the body twin. Tastic yeah and i think one references for people listening that they might want to check out. We'll probably refer to later of if we're looking at sources of dietary nitrate their reserve quite useful nitrate vegetable that was developed by Satnam litter and andrew web. I i think that was for the british heart foundation. Originally if i believe and kind of just showing different foods are source of those but quantifying them in in units of nitrate and so people can just refer back to that to kind of get. A gauge of how much of these different foods would confer various units. But we'll probably talk about that a bit later on. I think probably based on where we're starting with. I if we look at some of those potential beneficial impacts and we're looking at really here we keep our focus to impact on Hypertension or just for people who are normal pensive. What the impacts. on blood vessels and their overall risk than of things like atherosclerosis. We will leave to the side for the moment maybe exercise performance which is a a separate conversation which nitrates can be quite big in but for moment in relation to health. There does seem to be. Initially there is evidence looking at How nitrites in the body can then have potential beneficial impacts in certain circumstances..

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