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People to feel good about themselves. And I wanted to remind everyone like to love themselves, and I still like I love myself, and I am confident in so many ways. But that doesn't mean when I'm at home. I don't really kind of feel crappy some days are like just feel sorry for myself, sometimes for whatever reason. Profile the struts. Distress formed in two thousand nine in England. The co founders mad when each of their current bans were falling apart. They quickly connected musically and play together for about three years until a bassist and drummer were recruited through frequent UK shows they quickly developed a following where signed and released an EP as their reputation grew their audiences continue to increase they released their debut album in two thousand fourteen but it's follow up in two thousand eighteen. Nineteen eighty one. John physical physical was on Newton John's twelfth studio album. She was actually the third choice to record the song. It was originally offered to Rod Stewart Tina Turner new John and Turner shared a manager at the time the song ended up being an immediate success spending ten weeks at number one. It's lyrics, however, being a bit suggestive got it banned in some markets. Nonetheless, it was her most successful hit nevertheless, number one. Artist spotlight series, featuring Ed Sheeran. Shape review is inspiration behind that. Just I didn't have any sexually charged on the album. Wants to write a free shave for the female any shape. So that was instead of ROY. You'll be. I'm in love with the you. It made sense in my head. The name. Claim. Walker flog aflame quite the interesting name. The first thing you think about his Fosse bears. Walker Walker Walker from the Muppets you'd actually be correct? In fact, he has a big fuzzy bear Nicklaus. As a kid is cousin started calling him walk up. He was Gucci mane. Who added the flame moniker to the stage name? Do one thing to protect the environment. It all starts with just one thing wants to give an environmentally sustainable gift, then skip material gift altogether and given experience think about giving tickets to a concert or sporting event, a nice dinner out a massage dance, lessons, cooking classes or even something like a hot air balloon ride. Not only will the event be memorable. But the environment will thank you as well. It all starts with just one thing. Find tips and more at one thing US dot com. What's your one thing?.

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