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Officer of the Trump Organization, Alan Weiss. Loberg surrendered to authorities in New York this morning. Reporter alien, Merritt says it's expected he'll be charged with tax fraud. We do know that in recent months, prosecutors have been looking closely at whether or not taxes were paid. On non salary forms of compensation at for Trump Organization employees. It's pretty common for companies to sometimes pay their employees with little extras. But at the Trump organization, it went beyond that the criminal charges against Weisberg and the Trump Organization. Are the first to emerge from an investigation into the trump real estate empire. Former president Trump himself is not expected to be charged. Miami Dade County mayor confirms 18 People are dead and 145 still missing after the partial collapse of a condo in the Surfside, Florida Documents acquired by NPR show concerns were growing about the building safety in the months before it collapsed. As NPR's Brian Mann reports, no action was taken. NPR has reviewed Condo association documents that show increasing turmoil, including a mass resignation of board members in 2019 as the scale and cost of needed repairs grew. A memo sent by the condo association ahead of a May 2021 board meeting described the desperate needs of the building. Meanwhile, government officials were inspecting the building is part of a required re certification process for older, tall buildings in the Miami Dade County area, but document showed no sense of urgency. Officials only required minor repairs and never ordered the buildings. Managers to speed up work on concrete beams and steel supports multiple investigations are now underway into the cause of the buildings collapsed. Brian Mann. NPR news President Biden is to travel to Florida today to visit the site, he and the first lady or to meet with the families of those killed or missing and to thank the first responders and the search and rescue crews. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill's board of trustees voted to grant the star New York Times writer Nicole Hannah Jones tenure as a journalism professor. NPR's David Folkenflik reports. The board vote of 94 followed an intense national outcry over its refusal earlier this year to consider her tenure at all. Hannah Jones has won some of journalism's most prestigious awards, including the Pulitzer Prize for essay accompanying the 16 19 project. Opposition centered on that project on the ongoing legacy of slavery. The board vice chairman Jean Davis hailed her after the vote, but said trustees had been unfairly insulted. Some black faculty members have said the way Hannah Jones had been treated made them reconsider how welcome they felt the university Hannah Jones had said she would not come to U. N C without tenure and might sue instead on Wednesday night, she thanked supporters but said she wanted to take time to determine her path. Forward David Folkenflik. NPR news. You're listening to NPR news. Well U. N. Y c at 804 good July,.

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