Washington, President Trump, CBS discussed on Ted Radio Hour


Spread fear and was take our time this episode slowing down first this news live from npr news in washington i'm janine herbs south carolina republican congressman trade gouty says the release of a previously classified memo doesn't vindicate president trump in the russia investigation mass the president tweeted yesterday and fears bracken booker reports doughty and other republicans say the investigation into the trump campaign's possible connections with russians we'll continue speaking on cbs's face the nation sunday congressman gouty says he doesn't think the memo will impede the russia investigation i've actually don't think it has any impact on the rush approved that i was pretty under glare involved or the trashing of it he added he thinks the probe would exist even without a controversial unverified report compiled by a former british by there's is going to be a rusher probe either in without a dossier democrats worried the president will use the memo as a pretext to fire deputy attorney general rod rosenstein who is overseeing the russia investigation galluci who last week announced he is retiring from congress says he doesn't believe rosenstein should be fired brocton booker npr news washington senator richard blumenthal says all trains need positive train control now and that the country's rail life have to be made safer this after an amtrak train crashed into a freight train in south carolina this morning killing two workers and injuring more than one hundred ten ptc is an advanced system designed to automatically stop a train before certain accidents happen including trained to train collisions the head of the ntsb roberts i'm walt says pt deputy see rather could have helped in this crash claire ptc is designed an operational ptc system is designed.

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