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Aluminum was 399 serves a hundred and fifty dollar price difference right and rick who a trader with rick went and he got ta apple keiron he got apple karen is what do you apple karen yourself you put it on your stuff no have you ever no i never have had apple karen any apple product i've ever bought since 1984 no sir i just take my chances i live i live like a right on the edge and i said why don't really one apple care so but you know you can't transfer that to another device like it's married to this device now i have abulkheir ha but he may be paying made me pay some difference to them so i i have this other watch and i have to say for me and i people are going to hate me for that we were gonna hey bv but i tim the first of all the sizes way better that's not what they're going to him before the size not i have to i know when people hear me on the radio they imagine sort of like the the body of an olympic athlete the face of george clooney in the attitude of robert downey junior and they're right that is that's my essence but i'm actually are not at nine am not a giant person you are a giant person um non on monitoring your giant you're like hagrid but uh the uh the the what so the 42 for you i think it fits you the way the 38 fits me.

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