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The brewers baseball the nine after the season came to a close season is over the astros what are the world series last night it really was the protests that world series although that final game was a bit of a dark given what we have seen in the previous six games but nonetheless the season come student with used them becoming the team that wednesay at all that means there are seventeen news in major league baseball existing franchises that have never won a world series and yes you'll know walkie brewers are one of those franchise but how far away are they if you look at what the astros there is look at the competition level with the dodgers you look at the other teams here and major league baseball you know i think there's a sizable gap between or the brewers are where the astros are and i don't think that a shock to say but i would also argue that the same could be said fourteen like the rockies for example the rockets more playoff team so i clearly the astros dodgers had emerged outstanding teams this season on through the idiots world stanbic as well in there is a long way to go here four teams like the milwaukee brewers but if you look out a pretty good healthier going into year number three years of a rebuild now a couple of what was made by the brewers recently mentioned trade sanders them very sogard both have signed contracts both will be in the fold next year they have the of the earth to come with the milwaukee brewers but another move made recently of that you may have this is a shock are there the brewers really had no intention of going to salary arbitration with reliever carlos torres so it shows that as we move in for the forty man roster so what they did in effect is outright toro's two trip early colorado springs and certainly toro's the vehicle thirty five a veteran it's not going to accept that assignment are therefore he will be a free agent so a little bit of different uh method in doing so but nonetheless parting of ways with carlos torres reliever that was a little bit up and down last year but pretty solid the year prior who gave the verse value given that he was just acquired basically off the scrappy before.

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