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Side. I'll tell you one thing for sure. This prosecutor has never walked into a courtroom without an investigative file has never had a case before her where she didn't take the time to evaluate the witnesses and evidence before any trial. Dick, Durbin Zia. Prosecutors never had an investigation investigative file what prosecutor is he talking about. Our friend here from the from the valley. Is he talking about Rachel Mitchell? You better not what do you know what dick Durbin hates women. Dick Durbin hates women. Can't we play? Remember when Michelle Obama lied and said when they go low we go. Hi that was a lie. We need to go low to dig Durban hates women. So that's what they were trying to do with a look at all of these old white men, these old white Republicans grilling humiliating, this this sexual assault victim. At least the Republicans as smarter smarter. You know, we're not gonna do that. We're going to bring in a specialist. We're gonna bring in Rachel Mitchell. She is considered a victims advocate that she has been tapped to question Cavanaugh and blassie tomorrow blouse for the real question is. We'll blassie fort show up tomorrow. A lot of heavy hitters don't saying. They doubt that she will even even Dianne Feinstein said, I'm not sure she's going to show up. She really doesn't have to because mission is already accomplished they're stalling this this this hearing their stall sowing the whole the whole confirmation process. I'm just going to divert for one month when we come back because I can't let this one go a shell Obama. Michelle obama. She is on a book tour campaign trail, she she'd like beyond say southern charging people beyond say prices to see your big stadiums. And she had a battle cry to get to get people to the polls. They you just won't believe..

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