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W. W w j news time is now eleven forty a trial set to begin in Denver is the first time. A jury will consider whether property values are diminished because of the smell from marijuana. We get that story now from WWE's Charlie Langton a couple in Denver bought a home on a rule piece of property. Overlooking pikes peak in Colorado, however, the couple now claims that the pungent and fall older from a nearby marijuana. Grow company has hurt their property value. And what's more interesting is that they're using the federal Rico law to get a judge to close down the marijuana business. Private citizens can use Rico to protect their property from illegal criminal operations and under federal law. Marijuana is illegal the property owners claiming one million dollar loss in the property value. Charlie Langton WJ NewsRadio nine fifty after winning the World Series. Boston will honor the Red Sox. But the celebration will be limited to just a parade. Here's mayor Marty Walsh. There will be no rallied city hall plaza. This is just the parade that will. We're going to be doing on Wednesday. I'm excited as mayor to host, Mike, I Red Sox parade. Getting used to the patriots parades. And now we have a Red Sox parade. So I'm happy about that. Boston won the World Series in five games. Why do we like scary movies so much while this year sequel to the original Halloween had a monster opening scaring up a staggering seven seventy seven point five million dollars. It's the latest industry of horror movies that have been killing it at the box office, no pun intended. There. Margie Kerr is a sociologist who studies what happens to our brains when we get scared. She told CBS spine tingling feeling we get is actually kind of a high our heart rate increases for breeding faster. We've got the traveling or not really thinking about our bills or the future or you're just in that moment in that moment, we've been employing people to help us be scared for for centuries because we wanted we wanted be scared. We'd like to pay people to to do it for last year. Stephen king's it earned more than seven hundred billion dollars worldwide. Experts say it was the most profitable year in the John or at least a quarter of a century. W w j news time is now eleven forty three..

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